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    President’s Letter – Is ITAM Moving Too Slowly?

    By Dr. Barbara Rembiesa, President & CEO of IAITAM In organizational IT, implementing change is part of a normal workday.  As IT Asset Managers, we participate in a continuous stream of projects where new assets types or licensing models test the processes and controls we have built to manage the asset portfolio.  We apply assessment techniques to determine how to ...

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Acquisition Management


The Risks of Evergreen IT

Who doesn’t like Green? As a gardener, you prefer healthy plants, typically indicated by a lush green color of their leaves. In areas with cold or dry season, some plants have adapted to the climate and shed their leaves. Before this happens the leaves turn yellow, brown, sometimes red. This is part of a natural cycle and besides the fact ...

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SAM Safari – Managing Licenses in the Virtual Environment

Software Asset Management has traditionally focused on managing the physical license installations on the desktops, laptops and servers of an enterprise. By this time, most companies have at least the outline of a SAM program defined and are executing against that plan to ensure that their license entitlements do not fall short of the overall installations and/or utilization of that ...

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Solve IT Risk with Integrated ITAM

By Kannan Bhaskaran & Ganapathy Balakrishnan – BNY Mellon While IT Asset Management is an essential function for any organization to provide the much necessary controls, it is also a very key function to mitigate several risks the organization faces in managing its assets. Ability to have information about all the assets and the risks associated with them is the ...

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looking at the small print

Managing the Fine Print – Working with Terms and Conditions

In looking back at the articles and presentations I’ve written for IAITAM over the last several years – what I refer to as the “ITAM 101 Series” – for whatever reason the topics seem to be, well, less than exciting. There was the one about audits – everyone’s biggest fear in the SAM realm. Controlling your software and software usage ...

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Asset Identification


Software publisher statements; how to request them and what to expect

When I first started a SAM program the world was a lot simpler. Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) had been created but not yet implemented by those folks that it would immediately effect, and the signs of an impending financial crisis were not yet seen. So the need for a complete understanding of what you, the consumer of software, were entitled to use ...

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Simple Cost Analysis for RFID Options – Choice Must Fit the Organization’s Needs and Budget

By Thomas Watson, AMI Not surprisingly, IT Asset Managers have been asking more and more about the use of RFID to reduce the time and effort tracking assets, especially by implementing RFID technology in as many places as possible.   As prices drop on RFID technology, the benefits become more and more realistic. A customer recently asked me how much he ...

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Mobilizing the ITAM Solution – Five Steps to a Solid Business Case

By Nasrin Azari, Mobile Reach ITAK V10 I4 Building a Business Case If you are interested in a mobile solution for your ITAM program — one that incorporates barcode scanning and/or RFID for data capture by your IT Asset Managers while they are working in the IT environment — you are probably excited about the obvious benefits that such a ...

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Ghost assets Are Scarier than You Might Think – The Specter of Non-Compliance Represents Far More Risk than Power and Space Consumption

By Joshua Reynolds, SHI International ITAK V10 I4 Ghost in the Machine The vast majority of IT environments are haunted.  Large scale infrastructures, by virtue of their operational requirements, value high capacity and high availability over asset management.  This inevitably means that there are “ghost” assets lurking in most environments – devices whose purpose withered and passed on some time ...

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Compliance Management


Convergence with IT Asset/Service management

The discipline of SAM is rapidly converging with IT asset and service management disciplines, offering a more comprehensive view of activities as well as new capabilities for IT leaders As organizations continue to emphasize managing IT like a business, efforts are intensifying around IT asset management and IT service management. Within organizations today, new sets of policies and procedures are ...

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Should The Audit Tail Be Wagging The Enterprise Dog?

The prospect of a Software Asset Management (SAM) audit by a major vendor is continuing to influence Enterprise behaviour. Global Enterprises may deliberately overbuy software licences or buy excessive quantities of premium licences from the major vendors to mitigate perceived audit risk and the costly penalties associated with compliance breaches. However, the impact of this can be an over-confidence in ...

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Software Licensing Compliance and Cost Optimization

Software Licensing Compliance and Cost Optimization

Maintaining a balance between seemingly competing goals or circumstances is a common challenge in business management as well as life in general, and recognizing unbalance before it results in excessive losses frequently requires information gathering and assessment. Dangers lurk in many areas when too much attention is focused on one goal at the expense of losing perspective in management of ...

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Reduce Security Risk with SAM and Vulnerability Management

What Compliancy risks does your organization face, for its use of Software? How secure is the software you are running? How do you know all of the software your business uses? Is all of the software you are running properly licensed to the vendors who supply it? When it comes to risk, once it is identified, most leading companies try ...

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Documentation Management

Empowering People, Process and Technology – Case Study of a Successful Game Changer in ITAM Data Quality and Affordability

By John McConnell & Karen Bryant, Kaiser Permanente ITAK V10 I4 In today’s world, IT hardware assets in every company are multiplying quickly, and the compliance requirements are multiplying just as fast.  To keep up with this evolving landscape, it’s critical to have efficient programs and processes to track each item from the day it arrives, to the day it’s ...

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buisness planning

The ITAM Role with Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity – 10 Questions that Measure Disaster Recovery Maturity

By Jonathon Kirby, IAITAM ITAK V9 I6 Disaster Recovery (DR) preparedness is a multi-faceted set of processes that mitigates the damages to the operation of the organization during and after a wide range of debilitating events.   The term disaster recovery is often paired with business continuity to better describe the complexity of multistep recovery plans.  Creating and maintaining DR processes ...

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Getting More from the CMDB – Supporting the ITAM Program with a CMDB

By James Etherton, Delta Dental of Michigan ITAK V8 I7 In the April 2011 ITAK magazine, Dan Wilson of RightStar Systems published an article entitled “ITAM+CMDB= Success.”  In that article, he mentions the single point of truth and how key it is to the success of an ITAM program.  The configurations management database system (CMDB) has a place in almost ...

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Integration – A Key Element in Asset Lifecycle Management

By Barbara McCulloch & Michelle Hannes, Halliburton ITAK V8 I7 Is your IT asset management (ITAM) organization struggling with a stand-alone ITAM tool, multiple data entry points or significant manual effort gathering HR, procurement, financial or location information?  Are you looking to replace your current tool?  If so, have you considered how integration with other applications could create efficiencies in ...

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Financial Management


Is SAM a Cost or an Investment?

“Every time we make an investment decision at Fedex, we ask ourselves: What is the return on this investment?” Frederick Smith Software Asset Management practitioners frequently claim that implementing a SAM project is an investment because it leads to cost savings and efficiency benefits yet few organizations actually have measures to show the return on investment. This article takes issue ...

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IT Culture: 10 Positive Indicators

“An indicator is something that helps you understand where you are, which way you are going, and how far you are from where you want to be [].” You’ve spent the last years implementing new strategies to increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs. Your team got a bonus for succeeding. But wait, can more be done? And how do you ...

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Looking for Software Savings in all the Wrong Places

Looking for software savings can be analogous to looking for a missing airline. Substantial money will be spent without results if you don't know where to look.

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Invoice Verification – What and Why? – Consider this Foundational Practice for Proactive ITAM

By Sherry Irwin, Technology Asset Management, Inc. ITAK V10 I4 Disclaimer:  Specific content, while representative of industry practices, is provided as example only and should be modified for your organization. The Challenge Invoices are the means by which vendors collect payments due for products and services provided to their customers, usually under the terms of a contract, order form and/or ...

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Vendor Management


Do the Best Negotiators Get the Best Deal?

With over 50 years negotiating with vendors in many countries and watching hundreds of companies negotiate with their software vendors, I’ve never met a negotiator who thinks he/she is a bad negotiator. Of the thousands of software deals I’ve seen, I’ve never met someone who thought they negotiated a bad deal. Yet by definition, there is only one “best”, worldwide! ...

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What’s your “Plan B” if your Software Vendor Disappears?

A Changing Market Landscape There’s a paradigm shift taking place in technology delivery today, with the model changing from licensed software that resides on-premises to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model that is subscription-based and resides in the cloud. In the early days of SaaS, smaller and less important applications were the initial drivers, while mission-critical applications were still operated via traditional, ...

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Own the Cloud: Make Your Vendors Work for You

At this point, I reckon the myth of SaaS making SAM obsolete has been if not readily accepted, at least consciously understood. Regardless of the platform, the same rules for license optimization apply – understand what you own, how you are using it, who is using it (for what, when and why) and ensure your contractual rights meet those needs. ...

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Thank You for Buying Our Product…Now You are Really Screwed

Manufacturers have always attempted to control every aspect of the life cycle of the products they sell. They control who sells it; who services it; the trade-in value; who is allowed to service it; who qualifies as an authorized reseller; what region new equipment or re-sale equipment can be sold into. At the same time, manufacturers attempt to discourage others ...

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IAITAM Member Digest

Digest: March 2015 – The Importance of BYOD Policies – Lessons from Capitol Hill

By IAITAM IAITAM Members Only 2015 ACE The Spring 2015 ACE in San Diego is only a few weeks away.  Have you created your schedule from the list of presenters? If you haven’t booked your room reservations as of yet, remember the IAITAM block at the Hilton is full and we have a secondary location at the DoubleTree secured for ...

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Digest: December 2014 – Ending Dangerous Disposal Processes

By IAITAM IAITAM Members Only   It’s ITAM Awareness Month! December, for the 5th year in a row is dedicated to education – and it’s all free!  As we have done in the past, and supported by the vendor community, IATAM has opened up all events for the final days of 2014, so register to listen in to recorded webinars ...

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Digest: November 2014 – Recovery of a Stolen Device

By IAITAM IAITAM Members Only It’s ITAM Awareness Month! December, for the 5th year in a row is dedicated to education – and it’s all free!  As we have done in the past, and supported by the vendor community, IATAM will have up to 2 sponsors daily for each day of the first 3 weeks of December.  Sponsors will present ...

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Digest: October 2014 – CIOs Emerging as Contributors to Organizational Success

By IAITAM IAITAM Members Only 2014 ACE Events IAITAM 2014 Fall ACE update: We are less than 30 days away from the opening of the IAITAM 2014 Fall ACE!  Register now because if you wait and register after October 22nd you will fall into the late registration category and a 20% late surcharge will be added to the registration fee.  ...

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