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SAM 101 and the Secret for Success

Success means different things to different people. By way of definition, success is achieving the correct or desired result. For a professional athlete, success means winning or performing at his or her very best. For a professional musician, success means performing a piece perfectly or stirring emotion in the audience. For a writer, success is achieved when the reader becomes ...

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Using Six Sigma to make your SAM Team Invaluable

It is always the constant challenge for any manager to ensure that their team and the efforts of their team are viewed by leadership as an indispensable part of the organization. There is the continual need to validate why the team exists and why you have the staffing you do. Then there is the constant ask to do more with ...

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The Risks of Evergreen IT

Who doesn’t like Green? As a gardener, you prefer healthy plants, typically indicated by a lush green color of their leaves. In areas with cold or dry season, some plants have adapted to the climate and shed their leaves. Before this happens the leaves turn yellow, brown, sometimes red. This is part of a natural cycle and besides the fact ...

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SAM Safari – Managing Licenses in the Virtual Environment

Software Asset Management has traditionally focused on managing the physical license installations on the desktops, laptops and servers of an enterprise. By this time, most companies have at least the outline of a SAM program defined and are executing against that plan to ensure that their license entitlements do not fall short of the overall installations and/or utilization of that ...

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Asset Identification

Fixed Asset and IT Asset Management in Healthcare

Computer technology and its related assets have impacted the dynamics of traditional fixed asset accounting management. Information technology assets now constitute a significant percentage – if not the majority – of fixed assets, and capital spend, for many institutions, particularly in fields such as healthcare. Organizations must now focus on tracking IT assets along with more traditional fixed assets. To ...

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Discovery and SW Normalization-When is Normal NOT Normal?

The Software Asset Management discipline has matured over the past 5 years. By now, most companies have implemented some form of asset discovery and tracking of their software licenses. Discovery is a wonderful thing. It automatically reports against your installed base of hardware assets and their corresponding software licenses. What could be easier….. If you are like most companies, you ...

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The New ITAM Department

The influx of IoT (Internet of Things) and connected devices will continue to introduce new demands on IT departments globally. Software Asset Management (SAM), IT Service Management (ITSM) and GRC (Governance, Risk Management and Compliance) have already emerged as key components of IT Asset Management (ITAM) today. Challenges will evolve as security and new compliancy rules continue to challenge the ...

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Systems Management and IT Asset Management Tools: The Same, Only Different

Nearly every IT department uses some form of a systems management tool (SMT), but too many rely on their systems management software to perform IT asset management (ITAM) functions. SMT’s do the things they are designed for very well, but are not a substitute for a comprehensive ITAM or Software Assert Management (SAM) solution. By using flexible ITAM and SAM ...

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Compliance Management

GDPR and the Implications for ITAM Managers

Imagine this situation in few months-time from now. The ITAM manager for a large organization has been called to a board meeting. There has been a major data breach and a large amount of customer information has been stolen. The penalty for this breach could be as high as 20million Euros. The Directors ask the ITAM Manager the following questions: ...

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Licensing Oracle in a Public Cloud environment

WHAT DOES CLOUD MEAN FOR YOUR SAM STRATEGY? Software asset management? Cost optimization? With the growing use of cloud, that’s no longer an issue, because you know exactly what you pay for, right? Even though cloud solutions deliver huge benefits to organizations, it is more important than ever to manage your software licenses. More and more end users are planning ...

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Software Licence Reuse, an opportunity for savings in Europe

Perpetual licences is still representing the vast majority of software expenditures in businesses and almost all of the installed bases. Since the decision of the European Court of Justice to legalize software licence reselling (C128-11 / 3 July 2012), a massive multi-billion euro secondary market for software reuse has raised in Europe, providing significant saving opportunities and new providential self-financing ...

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Managing the evolving Enterprise

IT Asset Managers don’t always participate in strategic IT discussions. But, they are expected to help organizations keep track of spending on hardware, software and subscriptions to various IT Services. IT Asset Management is becoming more strategic – new technologies are making IT more complex and the ease with which new, subscription based resources can be obtained increases the risk ...

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Documentation Management

SAM reporting – what do you report from your SAM universe?

You are capital C Compliant, managing users licensing needs, control your vast software estate proactively? Sounds fab, but if no-one in management know you are doing great, or share your fears due to license rule changes, where will you get your support or encouragement from? Or said this way: What reports and data do you furnish your leaders with so ...

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Empowering People, Process and Technology – Case Study of a Successful Game Changer in ITAM Data Quality and Affordability

By John McConnell & Karen Bryant, Kaiser Permanente ITAK V10 I4 In today’s world, IT hardware assets in every company are multiplying quickly, and the compliance requirements are multiplying just as fast.  To keep up with this evolving landscape, it’s critical to have efficient programs and processes to track each item from the day it arrives, to the day it’s ...

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The ITAM Role with Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity – 10 Questions that Measure Disaster Recovery Maturity

By Jonathon Kirby, IAITAM ITAK V9 I6 Disaster Recovery (DR) preparedness is a multi-faceted set of processes that mitigates the damages to the operation of the organization during and after a wide range of debilitating events.   The term disaster recovery is often paired with business continuity to better describe the complexity of multistep recovery plans.  Creating and maintaining DR processes ...

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Getting More from the CMDB – Supporting the ITAM Program with a CMDB

By James Etherton, Delta Dental of Michigan ITAK V8 I7 In the April 2011 ITAK magazine, Dan Wilson of RightStar Systems published an article entitled “ITAM+CMDB= Success.”  In that article, he mentions the single point of truth and how key it is to the success of an ITAM program.  The configurations management database system (CMDB) has a place in almost ...

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Financial Management

Managing Autodesk Licensing for Cost Reduction & Optimization

What’s soft about software? The term “software” is ubiquitous to a degree that few hearken back to review the origins of the word. The “soft” nature of software implies it to be amorphous compared to its computer counterpart “hardware”, but certainly it is software that brings “muscular” value to hardware. Software’s intrinsic value originates from the effort that goes into ...

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Taming the ITAM Business Case Beast

Business Executives approve a large number of project proposals each year, but also have to reject many others, even though they might offer good business value. What often distinguishes an approved project proposal from a rejected one is the quality, credibility and compelling nature of the information contained within the project’s business case. Unfortunately, most organisations may already have an ...

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Is SAM a Cost or an Investment?

“Every time we make an investment decision at Fedex, we ask ourselves: What is the return on this investment?” Frederick Smith Software Asset Management practitioners frequently claim that implementing a SAM project is an investment because it leads to cost savings and efficiency benefits yet few organizations actually have measures to show the return on investment. This article takes issue ...

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IT Culture: 10 Positive Indicators

“An indicator is something that helps you understand where you are, which way you are going, and how far you are from where you want to be [].” You’ve spent the last years implementing new strategies to increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs. Your team got a bonus for succeeding. But wait, can more be done? And how do you ...

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Vendor Management

Application Rationalisation Techniques

1. Overview Application rationalisation is the radical reshuffling of an application portfolio as part of an application strategy, a plan that implements changes to applications to achieve a business outcome. Many organisations try to achieve this by reducing the overall number of applications but many fail to deliver the expected benefits of reduced cost and increased efficiency. This article outlines ...

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Do the Best Negotiators Get the Best Deal?

With over 50 years negotiating with vendors in many countries and watching hundreds of companies negotiate with their software vendors, I’ve never met a negotiator who thinks he/she is a bad negotiator. Of the thousands of software deals I’ve seen, I’ve never met someone who thought they negotiated a bad deal. Yet by definition, there is only one “best”, worldwide! ...

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What’s your “Plan B” if your Software Vendor Disappears?

A Changing Market Landscape There’s a paradigm shift taking place in technology delivery today, with the model changing from licensed software that resides on-premises to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model that is subscription-based and resides in the cloud. In the early days of SaaS, smaller and less important applications were the initial drivers, while mission-critical applications were still operated via traditional, ...

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Own the Cloud: Make Your Vendors Work for You

At this point, I reckon the myth of SaaS making SAM obsolete has been if not readily accepted, at least consciously understood. Regardless of the platform, the same rules for license optimization apply – understand what you own, how you are using it, who is using it (for what, when and why) and ensure your contractual rights meet those needs. ...

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