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SAM 101 and the Secret for Success

Success means different things to different people. By way of definition, success is achieving the correct or desired result. For a professional athlete, success means winning or performing at his or her very best. For a professional musician, success means performing a piece perfectly or stirring emotion in the audience. For a writer, success is achieved when the reader becomes ...

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Using Six Sigma to make your SAM Team Invaluable

It is always the constant challenge for any manager to ensure that their team and the efforts of their team are viewed by leadership as an indispensable part of the organization. There is the continual need to validate why the team exists and why you have the staffing you do. Then there is the constant ask to do more with ...

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The Risks of Evergreen IT

Who doesn’t like Green? As a gardener, you prefer healthy plants, typically indicated by a lush green color of their leaves. In areas with cold or dry season, some plants have adapted to the climate and shed their leaves. Before this happens the leaves turn yellow, brown, sometimes red. This is part of a natural cycle and besides the fact ...

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SAM Safari – Managing Licenses in the Virtual Environment

Software Asset Management has traditionally focused on managing the physical license installations on the desktops, laptops and servers of an enterprise. By this time, most companies have at least the outline of a SAM program defined and are executing against that plan to ensure that their license entitlements do not fall short of the overall installations and/or utilization of that ...

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Solve IT Risk with Integrated ITAM

By Kannan Bhaskaran & Ganapathy Balakrishnan – BNY Mellon While IT Asset Management is an essential function for any organization to provide the much necessary controls, it is also a very key function to mitigate several risks the organization faces in managing its assets. Ability to have information about all the assets and the risks associated with them is the ...

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Managing the Fine Print – Working with Terms and Conditions

In looking back at the articles and presentations I’ve written for IAITAM over the last several years – what I refer to as the “ITAM 101 Series” – for whatever reason the topics seem to be, well, less than exciting. There was the one about audits – everyone’s biggest fear in the SAM realm. Controlling your software and software usage ...

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Getting to “Win” in Your Contract Negotiation – Strategies for Assembling your Team and Working with the Vendor

By Frank Venezia & Steffani Lomax, Siwel Consulting, from ITAK V10 I4 Everyone wants to “win” when they enter into a software contract negotiation.  The negotiators for the publisher seek to maximize revenue for their company, while the end-user strives for the most cost-effective agreement that includes only the products and services that are absolutely necessary, along with fair contract terms ...

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Acquisition – The Foundation for Software Compliancy – Take a Good Look at Asset Acquisition

By Rodney Penny, Health Care Service ITAK V9 I11 Good software compliancy and IT service asset tracking begin with knowing your entitlement numbers and knowing what hardware assets you have and where they are.  The foundation for this information comes from a sound process that is followed without deviation.  The first process that truly affects the ITAM department is the ...

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Why License Management in Outsourcing Fails – Recommendations for Working with an Outsourcer on License Management

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By Frank Tijhuis, International SAM Institute ITAK V9 I10 With most customers already struggling to keep their licenses under control, a factor that makes license management and Software Asset Management even more complex is when the customer makes use of an outsourcer.  When looking at IAITAM’s 12 KPAs (Key Process Areas), all of these are affected when a customer outsources ...

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Top 10 Software Negotiation Techniques – The Path to Win-Win Software Contracts

By Frank Venezia & Steffani Lomax, Siwel Consulting ITAK V9 I7 The time to renegotiate a contract with one of your leading software suppliers is approaching.  What does your organization need to do to prepare, conduct the negotiation discussions and close a solid agreement?  There should be a methodical approach to contract negotiations to ensure the best preparation and most ...

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