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Activating Windows Products – License Activation for Purchasing and Procurement Personnel

By Michael Cherry, Directions on Microsoft ITAK V9 I2 Ensuring Windows and Office stay activated and available for users requires the involvement of both procurement personnel and IT.  All customers, including those using volume licensing media, must properly activate Windows desktop clients, Windows servers, and the Office suite, including Visio and Project, to ensure the products remain fully operational.  Activation ...

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Software Entitlements – Are You Getting What You Paid For?

By Brett Husselbaugh, eTelligent Solutions ITAK V8 I4 Some clients make it a habit to purchase additional entitlements, such as software maintenance or Microsoft’s Software Assurance, when they purchase licenses.   We have seen, however, those same clients leaving money on the table as they fail to exercise some, if not many, of those entitlements. Keeping up with perpetual licenses is ...

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Generating ITAM Awareness through Shared Knowledge – IAITAM’s Best Practice Library Delivers Key Processes

By Dr. Barbara Rembiesa, IAITAM ITAK V7 I12 IAITAM’s Best Practice Library (IBPL), the ITAM practitioner’s guide to an IT Asset Management program, represents the collective knowledge and experiences of the IT Asset Management industry.  These best practices are presented in a twelve volume set and through ITAM360, a subscription-based online version.  The information, workflows and templates is presented through ...

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Nine Golden Rules for Software Contract Negotiations – The Complexities and Pitfalls

By Eliot Arlo Colon, Miro Consulting Inc. ITAK V7 I10 The Search for Expertise:  Why In-Depth Knowledge of Specific Software Licensing is Necessary   Far too many organizations are unaware of the intricacies involved in software asset management and complex software licensing negotiation.  One cannot exist without the other. Many large enterprises have either a person or a group of ...

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Leasing IT Hardware – An Insider’s Perspective

By Jenny Schuchert, IAITAM ITAK V7 I2 Leasing IT assets can bring significant financial and operational benefits to an end customer, but only if you follow IAITAM best practices and the advice of your Hardware Asset Manager.  While the operational and logistical issues can be solved by the knowledge, experiences and organizational awareness of the Hardware Asset Manager, the financial ...

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Software Licensing in the Cloud – New Models Add Flexibility to Licensing

By Vincent Brasseur, Flexera Software ITAK Version 6 Issue 7 Cloud computing is all the rage these days, but what exactly is cloud computing?  According to the draft definition from the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), “ Cloud computing is a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., ...

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Software as a Service – Make the Move With Software Asset Managers, Services Managers and Caution

By Takeshi Takeuchi, IAITAM Japan, Inc. ITAK Volume 6 Issue 6 Editor’s Note:  A 20 year IT veteran and published author on LAN, ITSM and ITAM, Takeshi Takeuchi joined IAITAM earlier this year to head the Japanese office of IAITAM, offering ITAM certification courses as well as other IAITAM resources to Japanese professionals.   Compared to on-premise enterprise IT, Software ...

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Planning Ahead for Microsoft Windows 8 – Windows 7 Promotional History as a Basis for Windows 8 Planning

By Stephen Covert – Highlights for Children ITAK v6 I3 Some organizations have not maintained Software Assurance (for the purposes of this article, maintained the right to upgrade their OS) on their Windows desktop OSs over the last economic downturn.  The organizations who delayed upgrading their PC inventory are now considering upgrading their PCs or Desktop OSs.  By understanding Microsoft’s ...

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