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Asset Identification

Yes! You, Too, Can Fail Miserably at a Hardware Inventory!

Part I First, don’t plan! Planning indicates a desire to succeed. We can’t have that. Employee count is unnecessary. It couldn’t possibly matter if you have 17 employees or 17,000, right? It shouldn’t have any bearing on your inventory timeline, after all. Don’t get floor plans from Facilities. These floor plans might tell you where little hidey-holes of equipment are ...

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Can the Healthcare sector roll out RFID across all ITS?

Can the Healthcare sector ever implement RFID across the entire ITS enterprise for Asset Management, can it work and what is the impact? Assessment – The purpose of this question posed to senior leaders was to first, determine the most efficient and cost effective portions of the healthcare supply chain in which radio frequency identification devices (RFID) can be implemented. ...

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Fixed Asset and IT Asset Management in Healthcare

Computer technology and its related assets have impacted the dynamics of traditional fixed asset accounting management. Information technology assets now constitute a significant percentage – if not the majority – of fixed assets, and capital spend, for many institutions, particularly in fields such as healthcare. Organizations must now focus on tracking IT assets along with more traditional fixed assets. To ...

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Discovery and SW Normalization-When is Normal NOT Normal?

The Software Asset Management discipline has matured over the past 5 years. By now, most companies have implemented some form of asset discovery and tracking of their software licenses. Discovery is a wonderful thing. It automatically reports against your installed base of hardware assets and their corresponding software licenses. What could be easier….. If you are like most companies, you ...

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The New ITAM Department

The influx of IoT (Internet of Things) and connected devices will continue to introduce new demands on IT departments globally. Software Asset Management (SAM), IT Service Management (ITSM) and GRC (Governance, Risk Management and Compliance) have already emerged as key components of IT Asset Management (ITAM) today. Challenges will evolve as security and new compliancy rules continue to challenge the ...

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Ghost assets Are Scarier than You Might Think – The Specter of Non-Compliance Represents Far More Risk than Power and Space Consumption

By Joshua Reynolds, SHI International ITAK V10 I4 Ghost in the Machine The vast majority of IT environments are haunted.  Large scale infrastructures, by virtue of their operational requirements, value high capacity and high availability over asset management.  This inevitably means that there are “ghost” assets lurking in most environments – devices whose purpose withered and passed on some time ...

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