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Asset Identification

Discovery and Usage data for Software License Management – Is Microsoft SCCM the Best Solution?

By Sumin Tchen, Belarc, Inc. ITAK V9 I11 Is Microsoft SCCM the best solution? Many organizations use Microsoft’s SCCM product as their primary software discovery method.  Because SCCM is already used by operations, it comes at little or no additional cost to the Software License Management (SLM) group.  But, is it a wise decision for software licensing to use SCCM ...

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“Just One More Question, Ma’am.” – The Secret to a Complete Physical Inventory

By Jean M. Friestad, Athene USA ITAK V9 I11 Do you remember Columbo?  Peter Falk starred as the rumpled detective in 69 made-for-television movies from 1968-2003. He was a great character and always figured out the fiendish plot of the villain.  However, I was consistently annoyed by his interviewing techniques, as he always seemed to have, “Just one more question, ...

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How to Justify RFID for Asset Management – Six Steps to a Strong Business Case

By Thomas Watson, AMI ITAK V9 I11 Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) promises real-time visibility of asset inventory by automatically updating the asset repository as assets move through an environment, with little to no errors.  RFID also delivers data in real-time, with little to no human intervention, allowing users to spend time adding value to the organization elsewhere.  This article outlines ...

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Active RFID Best for Data Centers – Why Active RFID Beats Out Passive RFID

By Gregg Primm, RF Code Inc. ITAK V8 I12 Data centers, with their countless racks and cabinets, may seem static at first glance, but these dynamic, unpredictable environments require precise and efficient asset management.  Due to the high associated costs of manual inventory tracking and the inefficiency of inventory consolidation, data centers are increasingly turning to RFID to reduce costs, ...

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The DIY Hardware Inventory – A Roadmap for Failure…yep, Failure!

By Jean M. Friestad, Asset Administrator ITAK V8 I8 Your company needs a hardware inventory done, but your company is also budget-minded. How can this be done without spending thousands of dollars?  Answer: The Do-It-Yourself Hardware Inventory. Fine, so it’s decided you’re going to tackle this inventory yourself.  Here are a few hints to assure failure at this daunting task. ...

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