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As President and Co-founder of IAITAM, Barbara brings over a quarter century of industry knowledge and experience to the management of IAITAM, and provides key guidance and the entrepreneurial spirit to its staff and members.

President’s Letter – Is ITAM Moving Too Slowly?

By Dr. Barbara Rembiesa, President & CEO of IAITAM In organizational IT, implementing change is part of a normal workday.  As IT Asset Managers, we participate in a continuous stream of projects where new assets types or licensing models test the processes and controls we have built to manage the asset portfolio.  We apply assessment techniques to determine how to ...

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President’s Letter – As We Step Up to the Plate

Over the last twenty years or so, organizations have been adopting ITAM practices and benefiting from savings and reduced risks.  Quite a few of the organizations which were slow to value ITAM adopted ITAM practices after the economic downturn of the late 2000s; searching for “that employee who said we could save a lot of money on our software if ...

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President’s Letter – Is Open Source Management Part of your ITAM Program?

Open Source code is most likely used within your organization, covered by the legal language in special licenses designed for open source software (OSS).  Black Duck Software, specialists in OSS logistics, state that there are 16 billion lines of code licensed under one of the most popular licenses, GPLv2 (General Public License, version 2) alone.  I have to ask:  as ...

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President’s Letter – Status Update on Final Disposition of IT

By Barbara Rembiesa, President & CEO of IAITAM ITAK V10 I1 Final disposition of IT assets and the security of data during disposal are included in two of the major issues for 2015 and beyond:  world-wide dumping of electronics containing dangerous materials and data/privacy breaches.  Laws are changing rapidly as is the governance associated with these problems, leading to an ...

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President’s Letter – Moving ITAM Forward in 2015

As I read over predictions for IT technology and business trends for 2015, I see a continuation of the trends from 2014:  new advancements in mobile tech, cloud (and big data) projects and an increased investment in IT security.  For 2015, some of the jargon and prioritization is changing, but the trends we are currently incorporating will continue to mature. ...

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President’s Letter – Taming Your ITAM Jungle

By Barbara Rembiesa, President & CEO of IAITAM ITAK V9 I11 The IT Asset Management professional has to be a multitasker because of the number of projects that are often going on at the same time, a consequence of providing services with lots of “moving parts” to the entire organization.  Some of the projects will be improvements and extensions inspired ...

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President’s Letter – What Surveys Do for the Profession

By Barbara Rembiesa, President & CEO of IAITAM ITAK V9 I10 Several times a year, IAITAM gathers information via survey about the profession and IT Asset Management status in general.  Finding out how your professional career and your organization’s ITAM program compares to others is a valuable tool for planning both of those aspects.  The path for ITAM development has ...

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President’s Letter – If it is July, it must be Budget Planning Season

By Barbara Rembiesa, President & CEO of IAITAM ITAK V9 I7 If you aren’t involved in budget planning, then you probably underestimate how long it actually takes.  Despite everyone’s best efforts to create dashboards, status updates and monthly reports, there is more to do before budgets can be finalized.  While organizations have their own budget cycles, quite a few organizations ...

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