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The Policy Popularity Contest – Overcoming End User Resistance with Communication and Education

By Beth Richard, IAITAM ITAK V8 I3 A critical success factor for effective ITAM policies and processes is the ability to gain end user support for compliance with the program and its policies.  End users resist change, concerned about the inconvenience and the possibility that the change will add to their work load and responsibilities.  End users are also influenced ...

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What it Takes to be a Vendor Manager – The Implications of Beneficial or Detrimental Vendor Communications

By Beth Richard, IAITAM ITAK V8 I2 An IT vendor’s products and services are often the backbone of the organization today.   A glitch in an IT vendor’s supply of product and services or a delay in product delivery can be like turning the electricity off for many organizations, preventing them from fulfilling their missions and objectives.  Vendor Management is the ...

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