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Bruce Aboudara has served as a senior leader at Scalable Software since 2012. He brings extensive experience as a senior enterprise software executive in global markets, with 14 years of IT Asset and Service Management experience including Peregrine Systems and subsequently HP Software. In addition to Peregrine and HP, Mr. Aboudara’s career spans Fortune 50 companies like GE through Series A funded start-ups. His career includes extensive expatriate experience in Asia and EMEA where he led product marketing and M&A integration activities. Prior to Scalable Software he served as a Senior Consultant with The Gendreau Group, a revenue strategy consulting firm.

SAM in a SaaS World

Counting devices and software installations has been the foundation of SAM for decades. As with most things ITAM practitioners are being forced to look at it in a new way with the continued adoption of SaaS based solutions. Sometime in the not too distant future the current underlying technologies to provide SAM services will be obsolete. It is not surprising ...

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