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Dan Ingouf is the Content Development Specialist for IAITAM.

An Inside Job: Employee Espionage and Negligence

Electronic information theft has been on the rise for some time. Whether the theft is focused on healthcare facilities, major department stores, banks, or even hardware stores (does a recent Home Depot e-payment theft come to mind?); the fact remains that in our digital society, electronic information can be, and far too often is, compromised. While black hat hackers gain ...

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Embracing the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is described as the network of physical objects; portable and stationary devices, clothing, environmental sensors, traffic sensors, consumer goods, vehicles, buildings, humans and animals; the list of possibilities is equal to almost everything on earth. There are already millions of items with electronic sensors that are connected to the internet. In November 2015, Gartner estimated ...

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The Dirty Problem of CRT Glass

By Dan Ingouf While attending the 2015 IAITAM ACE in San Diego, CA, I found myself in the midst of enjoyable and informative conversations with members and vendors.  In one conversation about disposal, the topic of types of IT equipment and disposal methods came up and my curiosity was piqued by the comment “we don’t see many CRT (cathode ray ...

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The Psychology of Business – Is the Answer Right in Front of You?

By Dan Ingouf, IAITAM ITAK V9 I8 The Workplace, and Those Involved The average work group has a plan to achieve goals but frequently, situations pop up and plans go awry in unpredictable ways.  Getting back on track can be difficult especially when you consider that the other people in the same confusing workplace, those with whom you need to ...

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The “Stroll” to Mobile Asset Management – Planning Next Steps Based on Experience

By Dan Ingouf, IAITAM ITAK V9 I3 In The Beginning Look back to 1600, when William Gilbert coined terms such as “electricity,” “electric force,” “magnetic pole” and “electric attraction,” for the beginning of our odyssey with technology.  Scientific pioneers like William Gilbert, Otto von Guericke, Robert Boyle, and Benjamin Franklin essentially laid the ground work for what becomes IT asset ...

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Never Underestimate the EULA – There May be More Than Meets The Eye

By Dan Ingouf, IAITAM ITAK V8 I6 It is easy to minimize the importance of End User License Agreements (EULAs) because they are so commonplace.  They are regularly seen as the pop-ups on our e-device’s screens at the beginning of almost every software down-loading process.  A person whose profession does not involve IT Asset Management reacts to a EULA quite ...

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The Acquisition Process – A “Must Have” in a Tumultuous Economy

By Dan Ingouf, IAITAM ITAK V4 I1 When we think of acquisitions, a wide range of thoughts and actions should come to mind.  On one side of the spectrum would be the news worthy acquisition of a major banking organization, purchased by an even stronger financial institution. Such an acquisition would include the recent actions of Wells Fargo acquiring Wachovia. ...

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