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The International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM) is the largest organization providing education, certification and thought leadership to the management of IT as a business. IT Asset Management is the management of hardware, software, mobile and other technology to maximize the value to the organization.

ITAM Practitioner Survey – 2012 Results

By IAITAM ITAK V8 I4 Overview   A survey conducted each year at the International Association of IT Asset Managers, Inc.’s Annual Conference and Exhibition (ACE) provides guidance to the association on the changes in the IT Asset Management (ITAM) profession and the role that IT Asset Management has within the organization.  Respondents at the conference and within a short ...

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Digest: March 2013 – There is a Web for That

By IAITAM IAITAM Member Special Ends March 31st 11 years and counting… “It is hard to believe that 11 years have passed since we began IAITAM. It is overwhelming how much the industry has grown in such a short time. We are committed to the continued growth and maturity of the Profession and look forward to many more years serving ...

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Digest: February 2013 – The BYOD Disconnect – Missing the Win-Win

By IAITAM IAITAM Spring ACE The Spring ACE schedule of events is live on the IAITAM Website and highlights include topics for process improvement, managing the ever changing rules surrounding software licensing, hardware management and ITAM best practices such as: – Best Practices for Mobility in IT Asset Management – Mobile Reach – MoneyMap: Building a Roadmap to Cost Savings ...

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What is IT Asset Management? – An IAITAM White Paper

By IAITAM ITAK V7 I12 Look around any workplace and you see Information Technology (IT) assets.  If you are working in an average office environment, you probably have a computer monitor with a CPU at your desk along with a smartphone and VoIP telephone.  A short distance away is a networked printer, copiers, scanners, fax machine and servers.  This is ...

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Taming SAP Licensing – Conquering Overly Complicated Licensing

By Chris Hughes, Flexera Software ITAK V7 I11 A recent SAP User Group survey found that 95% of SAP users think that the company’s software licensing is ‘overly complicated’ as discussed in the ComputerWorld UK article (1).  The survey was conducted by the UK & Ireland User Group and questioned 336 SAP users across 150 organizations.  The article goes on to say ...

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The Next Frontier in Data Security – Solid State drives

By Robert Johnson, NAID ITAK V7 I11 The next frontier in data security Solid-state hard drives, once considered a luxury, are now standard issue on mobile devices and many laptop computers. Unfortunately, conventional data destruction methods don’t work with this new technology.  The National Association for Information Destruction outlines its strategy for dealing with this disruptive technology and offers insight ...

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The Evolving Face of ITAD – The Impact of a Growing Portfolio of Asset Types

By Ed Stukane, PlanITROI ITAK V7 I10 Many would agree that advancements in technology have made life easier for most consumers, business employees and managers.  Access to information is at our fingertips.  Collaboration among co-workers, regardless of their locations in the world, is simpler than ever.  Communications has improved dramatically and we take for granted that our smart phones will ...

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Digest: October 2012 – The Hot-Button Issue: Mobile Asset Management

By IAITAM IAITAM 2013 ACE Update:  Both IAITAM 2013 ACE events are live on the website.  I encourage all ITAM practitioners to consider submitting a speaker topic for one or both events – you get free admission to the ACE and from the conversations at last month’s event I have determined that there is a lot of expertise out there ...

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