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Jenny Schuchert is the Content Director for IAITAM

Copyright is a Global Concern – Copyright Laws and Software License Compliance

By Jenny Schuchert, IAITAM Inc. ITAK V5 I3 When Software Asset Managers are in the middle of a difficult audit, the underlying laws that influence these important tasks are often ignored.  We even call it “software license compliance” and allow actions to be driven by the contract language without questioning the ownership rights derived from copyright law.  Software Asset Managers ...

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Reign in the Chaos – Eight Steps to Managing Software Licensing

By Jenny Schuchert, IAITAM Inc. ITAK V5 I2 Eight Steps to Managing Software Licensing Chaos Software Asset Managers routinely manage the complexities of software licensing, including;  the choices offered by specific publishers, matching the actual use to the licensing, and keeping track of all of the necessary documentation.  Sometimes, technology advances upset the effectiveness of these efforts, generating confusion for ...

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Be SAM Positive – How We Fail at Software Asset Management

By Jenny Schuchert, IAITAM ITAK V4 I7 A Fresh Look from a Normally Positive Person Have you ever felt that managing software is like playing whack-a-mole with Jell-O?  The compliance hammer comes down title by title, vendor by vendor, but without process and support, compliance is rapidly lost.  Compliance, and the software asset management lifecycle processes that build compliance, are ...

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Hardware Savings Detective – 10 Ways to Drive Down the Hardware Cost at the Desktop

By Jenny Schuchert, IAITAM ITAK V4 I6 Financial management for IT asset management is a busy job, requiring vigilance and a detective’s eye for the clues to better financial performance.  At any time, established sources of savings can stop delivering those savings, necessitating finding an alternative strategy.  My favorite example of savings failure happened to a technology organization that developed ...

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Look Behind the Curtain – Documentation Management: The Great and Powerful Oz of IT Asset Management

By Jenny Schuchert, Independent Consultant ITAK V4 I5 Documentation Management is ubiquitous – everything we do in IT asset management involves data and documenting that data.   Ironically, that fact makes it easy to focus on the process being executed and to neglect document management as a discipline of its own.  This lack of attention can lead to some of the ...

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Working Together – What Service Management Should Mean to IT Asset Managers

By Jenny Schuchert, Independent Consultant ITAK V4 I3 At the Beginning When IT asset management started in the early 1990’s, IT service management (ITSM) had not yet penetrated the US.  IT departments were organized around functions and platforms such as the network group, the server team and the security section.  This structure made it easier for like-trained employees to work ...

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What Our Executives Need From Us

By Jenny Schuchert, Independent Consultant ITAK V4 I2 Priorities are changing rapidly these days, with executives honing in on specific objectives.  Obviously, savings and reduced spending are primary objectives.  At the same time, executives are open to opportunities to set their company apart, either from the competition or from the company’s current performance.  During weak economic times, companies can still ...

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Get to the Point – Exercising Your Communication Skills

By Jenny Schuchert, Independent Consultant ITAK V4 I1 Communication is a large part of any job and IT Asset Management is no exception.  IT assets are important to almost everyone in an organization, requiring IT Asset Managers to have a broad repertoire of communication skills.  Communication is required to define, manage, enforce, cajole, educate and problem solve across hierarchy levels, ...

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