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Mr. Swanson founded ISAM in 1996 and led it to become an industry leader in Software Asset Management having managed over USD $15 billion dollars in software costs across 1000 companies worldwide. Michael’s team at ISAM has played an integral role in the software asset management industry for over 20 years by: negotiated many of the first software ELAs in the industry; designed IBM’s PRA service; and the first outside consulting company brought in by a major software vendor to assist companies on audits. Clients globally have utilized ISAM’s GreenBook® and expertise to reduce their long-term software expenses by over one billion dollars.

Software Asset Management – Moving Beyond the Basics

Recent news of airline seat allocation and the bumping of paid passengers has brought increased awareness to the complexity of airline seat yield management and capacity optimization. In the 1970s, passenger load factors averaged under 60%, and the airline industry was losing billions. Today, the industry’s load factor is approaching 90%, and in 2016 international carriers’ estimated profits reached $36 ...

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Do the Best Negotiators Get the Best Deal?

With over 50 years negotiating with vendors in many countries and watching hundreds of companies negotiate with their software vendors, I’ve never met a negotiator who thinks he/she is a bad negotiator. Of the thousands of software deals I’ve seen, I’ve never met someone who thought they negotiated a bad deal. Yet by definition, there is only one “best”, worldwide! ...

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Outcome based Software Asset Management

Why would the Dalai Lama travel 8000 miles to a small city in Minnesota for healthcare when many internationally renowned hospitals were available in India, Europe, or Asia? Many of the largest global cities have great hospitals, but Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota continues to draw Presidents, Premiers, Kings, movies stars, and professional athletes from all over the world for ...

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