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Patricia Adams is an ITAM industry expert with more than 21 years of experience. As a research director for Gartner, she was the lead analyst for IT hardware and software asset management tools and best practices. Her research coverage included CMDB, change management, dependency mapping tools, discovery tools, and ITIL. Throughout it all, her primary focus was advising companies on how to establish governance programs unique to their organizations, build the business case for ITAM, design policies, define roles and responsibilities, implement tools, measure success, and build a strategic road map for integrating ITAM into other domains. @PatriciaAdams

Security Threats Could Become An ITAM Issue

Organizations have to constantly be on the lookout for ways their data might be under attack. However, it occasionally comes from an unsuspected source, inside the organization, from a disgruntled employee looking to take advantage of their insider information. However, with proper checks and controls in place and overseen by multiple employees, many of these potential scenarios can be eliminated ...

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