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Paul Burnham is the Senior Solution Architect for ServiceNow.

Selecting the Right SAM Tool – Truths and Issues to Consider

By Paul “Doc” Burnham, Agnito Advisors ITAK V7 I2 Today, many companies are on a quest to gain control or get better control of their software assets.  Companies realize that in order to achieve this goal, they most likely will be required to implement a Software Asset Management (SAM) tool.  And, of course, it is imperative to get this task ...

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The SAM Affect – It’s NOT Just for IT

By Paul ‘Doc’ Burnham & Rod Potter ITAK Volume 6 Issue 6 How many times have we all heard that SAM (Software Asset Management) is just an IT issue and IT needs to handle it?  While it is true that SAM is associated mainly with IT, it is not true to say it only affects IT.  The fact is – ...

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