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Phara McLachlan is the CEO of Animus Solutions, Inc.

Software and Hardware Disposal – Be Smart with your IT Junk

By Phara E. McLachlan, Animus Solutions, Inc. ITAK Volume 6 Issue 6: Documentation Management and Asset Identification IT asset disposal unfortunately isn’t a process given enough consideration in the grand scheme of asset management. Because of this oversight, organizations are leaving themselves vulnerable to compliance and security risks, simply because of a lack of policy, process and procedures of software ...

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Software Audits on the Rise – The Whys and How to Avoids of Non-Compliance

By Phara McLachlan, Animus Solutions ITAK V6 I3 Watch dog organizations such as the Business Software Alliance (BSA) and Federation of Software Theft (FAST) are in the business of advancing the goals of the software industry and raising awareness of protecting the intellectual property of software companies.  Organizations like these and the software companies they work hard to represent receive ...

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Avoiding ITAM Implementation Failures – ITAM Success Depends on Communication

By Phara McLachlan, Animus Solutions ITAK Volume 6 Issue 2   You did your homework, got buy-in from the C-suite, and implemented the fabulous IT software application on time and slightly under budget.  All the early indications were smooth sailing toward streamlined processes, increased productivity, ongoing cost savings and a happy user population.   A year later, the user population ...

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No More Wild West – The Importance of a Centralized Software Acquisition Process

By Phara McLachlan, Animus Solutions ITAK V6 I1 Why You Need a Centralized Acquisition Process   A centralized software acquisition process is absolutely indispensable to all organizations for three important reasons:   To control costs: Centralization will help prevent redundant purchases of software already licensed to the company, and ensure that all purchases are made under any volume licensing discounts ...

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7 Deadly Sins – Resolution to the Seven Most Common Mistakes in an ITAM Program

By Phara McLachlan, Animus Solutions ITAK V5 I5   “To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time.” – Leonard Bernstein, American conductor, composer and pianist (1918-1990)   There is a common misunderstanding regarding the difference between project management and program management – even within the industry.  People have a tendency to use the ...

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Fiscal Responsibility – The Marriage Between IT and Finance is Sorely In Need of Counseling

By Phara McLachlan, Animus Solutions ITAK V5 I5 Savings. Cutbacks. Economic Downturn. These are all words that we are all too familiar with of late. Corporate executives at all levels are facing difficulty trying to advance the technology within their organization, while trying to simultaneously find cost savings. The problem faced by many organizations is a misalignment of Finance and ...

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The Forgotten Process – Documentation Management: Taming Unstructured Enterprise Information to Create Business Value

By Phara McLachlan, Animus Solutions ITAK V5 I4 As Benjamin Franklin observed more than 250 years ago, “Time is money.”  But effective document management does more than optimize business practices and processes to save time and money.  It also reduces risk relating to legal and regulatory matters, facilitates the legal discovery process, maintains control over information access, increases security and, ...

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Non-Compliance… It Happens, and It Hurts

By Phara McLachlan, Animus Solutions ITAK V5 I3 How is it compliance is generally reactive versus proactive?  Just as we often find ourselves vigorously brushing and flossing when we get our dental reminder, or attempt a crash diet just before bathing suit season, we typically get ourselves interested in compliance when we know an audit is just around the corner ...

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5 Steps to Effective Employee Education and Communication

By Phara McLachlan, Animus Solutions ITAK V5 I2 5 Steps To Effective Employee Education and Communication It is tempting to quickly summarize happenings when time is tight and deadlines are looming, but often that just confuses or alienates people further. When complex or important occurrences are minimized, people tend to feel left out or suspicious about what they do not ...

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