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Samuel Peery is the Director of Marketing for WhiteCanyon Software.

Data Wiping Best Practices – Good, Better, Best

Remove the Data, Remove the Risk The golden rule when it comes to data security when retiring hard drives is “remove the data, remove the risk.”  Another more useful way to look at this is that the sooner the data is removed in the process, the lower your risk.  Retired drives containing data are an invitation for both intentional and ...

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Encryption is NOT Data Sanitization – Avoid Risk Escalation by Mistaking Encryption for Data Sanitation

By Samuel Peery, WhiteCanyon Software ITAK V9 I10 Encrypting hard drives adds an effective new level of data protection and security for organizations.  However, there is a disturbing trend of relying upon encryption as the sole form of data sanitization.  While encrypted data may seem inaccessible it should never be considered sanitized because the data is still there.  As long ...

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Data Sanitization 101 – Auditing your Hard Drive Retirement Process

By Samuel Peery, White Canyon Software ITAK V9 I4 Every company has to deal with the issue of disposing of old hardware.  While it’s a problem we all deal with, surprisingly few handle it in a secure manner.  The Harvard Business Review recently posted an article calling the IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) discipline the “soft underbelly of data security.”  With ...

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