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Ed Cartier is the Marketing Director for xAssets LLC. Ed is widely published, regularly contributing articles to ITAK. He also authored several published white papers describing the need for IT asset management tools and has presented on the role of ITAM in controlling IT costs. He was recognized as one of the top 50 channel executives for two consecutive years. Ed holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Rutgers University, an MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University and is a graduate of the AEA/Stanford Executive Institute on Managing Technology Companies held at the Stanford University School of Business.

Is it RIP for the PC? Contemplating the Impact of Mobile Computing

By Ed Cartier, xAssets Ltd. ITAK V7 I12 iPads. iPhones. Android tablets and smart phones. iOS. Windows 8.  Surface tablets and Windows phones. ARM chips. Combined, this group of products and technologies is being charged with the death of the traditional PC that’s been around in one form or another since 1982. But, is the PC really on death’s doorstep? ...

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Policies for Pad Computing Mobility – Going Mobile? – First Get a Roadmap

By Ed Cartier, xAssets Ltd. ITAK Volume 6 Issue 2    Anyone who really believes that pad-computers (hereafter “pads” to save some ink and paper) won’t invade just about everyone’s IT infrastructure in the next year or so is woefully naïve.  Strong words?  Not really.  First, that’s not just my opinion.  The consensus of the research companies (the ones that ...

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Putting First Things First – A New Perspective on Starting an Asset Management Program

By Ed Cartier, xAssets ITAK V5 I6 So, management finally relented and approved the budget for the acquisition of an ITAM solution. You published your RFP, did your due diligence and selected a vendor. The software is installed, your custom reports and customer specific fields are completed and you’re all set to go. What’s the first thing you’re gong to ...

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No Rain On Your Parade – The Cloud is Coming, Relax

By Ed Cartier, xAssets Ltd. ITAK V5 I5 It can be argued that the practice of IT asset management (ITAM) was born out of a number of unforeseen changes. To describe the impact of those changes, let me lay a little groundwork.   For years data processing was centralized. Employees (not quite thought of as end-users yet) logged into a ...

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