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The “Silo” Effect – Take the Time to Prevent Silos

By Diane Shepard-Hill, Texas Dept of Public Safety ITAK V8 I8 The word “silo” sounds a lot like the word “solo.”  Not only do these words sound alike, they have similar meanings.  Silo is defined as a standalone structure for storage that can be attached to another structure.  Unfortunately, so many silos stand alone and don’t get attached to anything ...

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The Policy Popularity Contest – Overcoming End User Resistance with Communication and Education

By Beth Richard, IAITAM ITAK V8 I3 A critical success factor for effective ITAM policies and processes is the ability to gain end user support for compliance with the program and its policies.  End users resist change, concerned about the inconvenience and the possibility that the change will add to their work load and responsibilities.  End users are also influenced ...

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The SAM Affect – It’s NOT Just for IT

By Paul ‘Doc’ Burnham & Rod Potter ITAK Volume 6 Issue 6 How many times have we all heard that SAM (Software Asset Management) is just an IT issue and IT needs to handle it?  While it is true that SAM is associated mainly with IT, it is not true to say it only affects IT.  The fact is – ...

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Avoiding ITAM Implementation Failures – ITAM Success Depends on Communication

By Phara McLachlan, Animus Solutions ITAK Volume 6 Issue 2   You did your homework, got buy-in from the C-suite, and implemented the fabulous IT software application on time and slightly under budget.  All the early indications were smooth sailing toward streamlined processes, increased productivity, ongoing cost savings and a happy user population.   A year later, the user population ...

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5 Steps to Effective Employee Education and Communication

By Phara McLachlan, Animus Solutions ITAK V5 I2 5 Steps To Effective Employee Education and Communication It is tempting to quickly summarize happenings when time is tight and deadlines are looming, but often that just confuses or alienates people further. When complex or important occurrences are minimized, people tend to feel left out or suspicious about what they do not ...

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Get to the Point – Exercising Your Communication Skills

By Jenny Schuchert, Independent Consultant ITAK V4 I1 Communication is a large part of any job and IT Asset Management is no exception.  IT assets are important to almost everyone in an organization, requiring IT Asset Managers to have a broad repertoire of communication skills.  Communication is required to define, manage, enforce, cajole, educate and problem solve across hierarchy levels, ...

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