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Navigating Microsoft Audits and True-Ups – What to Expect and How to Minimize the Impact

By Scott Rosenberg & Tim Hegedus, Miro Consulting ITAK V8 I2 Software audits and true-ups by all software vendors are increasingly routine these days.  In fact, many companies expect software audits once a year with multiple vendors.  Earlier this year, Gartner reported that 65% of its clients were audited at least once in 2011, up from 61% in 2010.  Gartner ...

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Taming SAP Licensing – Conquering Overly Complicated Licensing

By Chris Hughes, Flexera Software ITAK V7 I11 A recent SAP User Group survey found that 95% of SAP users think that the company’s software licensing is ‘overly complicated’ as discussed in the ComputerWorld UK article (1).  The survey was conducted by the UK & Ireland User Group and questioned 336 SAP users across 150 organizations.  The article goes on to say ...

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Gaining Control of our Software – A Practitioner Case Study

By Septimus George, Inventory Control Specialist ITAK V7 I10 When I started my journey in ITAM many years ago, there was something no one wanted to talk about.  You know, the obvious flamingo pink elephant dancing on the table right in front of the door.   Some of us have accepted it and evolved to calling that beast software license management ...

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Software Licensing “Gotchas!” – Managing Software Licensing

By Frank Venezia & Steffani Lomax, Siwel Consulting ITAK V7 I10 Today’s technology industry is characterized by changes that are frequent and rapid.  Some might even categorize them as “revolutionary.”  These changes in technology impact how hardware is sold and software is licensed by all the major suppliers.  Software publishers have responded by implementing new license models and metrics that ...

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What is a Catalog for SAM? – Identifying the Essentials for Software Asset Management

By Bernhard Boehler, Aspera Technologies Inc. ITAK V7 I9 Software license and asset management is not successful if the data and results it produces are full of errors and gaps.  In operational software asset management (SAM), a big part of the work revolves around importing and processing diverse data, which are also dependent on one another.  The industry best practice ...

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Software License Compliance Drift – Is Your Organization at Risk?

By William Brett Husselbaugh, eTelligent Solutions ITAK V7 I7 As organizations embark on a Software Asset Management (SAM) program, their first focus is usually on producing a compliance report. What is seldom, if ever, considered is the need to address certain organizational behaviors that contribute to out-of-compliance positions. The result is almost always Compliance Drift, or the inability to hold ...

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