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Insights into Oracle & Microsoft Licensing & Procurement Practices

By Scott Rosenburg, Miro Consulting ITAK V4 I5 ITAK welcomes back Scott Rosenberg for another edition of the column: Oracle & Microsoft Q&A.  In this recurring column, Scott will answer any questions on Oracle and Microsoft licensing and procurement practices.   A Procurement Manager at a large healthcare company asks:   How effective is Oracle’s ULA? You’re referring to Oracle’s ...

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The Dark Side of a Virtual World – Software License Management in the Virtual Era – Gearing up for Changes in License Models

By Dr. Christian Seeling, Aspera GmbH ITAK V3 I11 The Future: Virtualization Year 2015 January 2015. In the early morning hours the sales manager of a large bank enters his office. After pouring a quick cup of coffee, he switches on the monitor and starts the hypervisor on a virtual machine and begins to work. He has an important meeting ...

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Active RFID – Energizing Asset Management in the Data Center

By Mitch Medford, RF Code ITAK V3 I3 Most large companies have embraced IT asset management as a valuable pursuit with a quantifiable set of contributions to the bottom line.  As companies recognize the value of a unified ITAM program, attention is being devoted more equally among hardware and software assets.   As this happens, a hierarchy of hardware assets ...

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