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GDPR and the Implications for ITAM Managers

Imagine this situation in few months-time from now. The ITAM manager for a large organization has been called to a board meeting. There has been a major data breach and a large amount of customer information has been stolen. The penalty for this breach could be as high as 20million Euros. The Directors ask the ITAM Manager the following questions: ...

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Licensing Oracle in a Public Cloud environment

WHAT DOES CLOUD MEAN FOR YOUR SAM STRATEGY? Software asset management? Cost optimization? With the growing use of cloud, that’s no longer an issue, because you know exactly what you pay for, right? Even though cloud solutions deliver huge benefits to organizations, it is more important than ever to manage your software licenses. More and more end users are planning ...

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Software Licence Reuse, an opportunity for savings in Europe

Perpetual licences is still representing the vast majority of software expenditures in businesses and almost all of the installed bases. Since the decision of the European Court of Justice to legalize software licence reselling (C128-11 / 3 July 2012), a massive multi-billion euro secondary market for software reuse has raised in Europe, providing significant saving opportunities and new providential self-financing ...

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Managing the evolving Enterprise

IT Asset Managers don’t always participate in strategic IT discussions. But, they are expected to help organizations keep track of spending on hardware, software and subscriptions to various IT Services. IT Asset Management is becoming more strategic – new technologies are making IT more complex and the ease with which new, subscription based resources can be obtained increases the risk ...

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Configuration Data Elements Critical for Compliance in SAM

Software license entitlement defines the license capacity against a manufacturer’s defined measurement. There is a vast range of different capacity types used by software manufacturers to measure license entitlement. These measurements can be divided into two basic groups: • Instance based: measurement is tied to a configuration of the hardware (for example, processor based licensing) • Non instance based: measurement ...

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Anatomy of an End User License Agreement

End User License Agreements (EULAs) are long, wordy and boring. Attorneys write them and read them. They are very good at it and, if you have any questions, you should address them with your company’s legal counsel. Always. Difficulty or boredom is not a reason to skip reading a EULA. You don’t need a secret decoder ring to understand them ...

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Software License Management – Do you need a degree?

Remember back in the day when license complexity was as simple as plugging in the hardware dongle into your computer in order for an application to work? With today’s technologies it seems like you need to have a doctorate to truly understand each license option and its complexities. Even when you have determined between node locked or floating licenses, you ...

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SAP Audits – Is it impossible to gauge financial exposure?

SAP licensing is complicated. License entitlements can be open to interpretation and contract amendments can mean that financial liability for one customer may be very different in comparison to another, even if their usage and requirements are identical. It often depends on what deal was struck at the time of purchase. Traditionally SAP licensing reviews and system measurements have focused ...

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The Four Things You Need To Know About Software Compliance

It’s no mystery that IBM software licensing and audits can be complicated. Chances are good that if you’re like many of the companies I’ve worked with over the years, you don’t have the right software asset management (SAM) strategy in place. Unfortunately, most companies don’t have a strong understanding of software compliance—or the repercussions of a software audit. That’s why ...

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