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Software Metering and the “Use It or Lose It” Mentality

With six months to go before an annual true up with a large software publisher, a software scan revealed that we were over deployed by a large amount for two of their products, largely due to people requesting these products for short term use during projects then not contacting IT to uninstall after they had completed the work. While this ...

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Convergence with IT Asset/Service management

The discipline of SAM is rapidly converging with IT asset and service management disciplines, offering a more comprehensive view of activities as well as new capabilities for IT leaders As organizations continue to emphasize managing IT like a business, efforts are intensifying around IT asset management and IT service management. Within organizations today, new sets of policies and procedures are ...

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Should The Audit Tail Be Wagging The Enterprise Dog?

The prospect of a Software Asset Management (SAM) audit by a major vendor is continuing to influence Enterprise behaviour. Global Enterprises may deliberately overbuy software licences or buy excessive quantities of premium licences from the major vendors to mitigate perceived audit risk and the costly penalties associated with compliance breaches. However, the impact of this can be an over-confidence in ...

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Software Licensing Compliance and Cost Optimization

Maintaining a balance between seemingly competing goals or circumstances is a common challenge in business management as well as life in general, and recognizing unbalance before it results in excessive losses frequently requires information gathering and assessment. Dangers lurk in many areas when too much attention is focused on one goal at the expense of losing perspective in management of ...

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Reduce Security Risk with SAM and Vulnerability Management

What Compliancy risks does your organization face, for its use of Software? How secure is the software you are running? How do you know all of the software your business uses? Is all of the software you are running properly licensed to the vendors who supply it? When it comes to risk, once it is identified, most leading companies try ...

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Changes to the IBM PPA – Understanding Your Risks

On Sept 1, 2014, IBM sent out a letter to its software customers about the IBM International Passport Advantage Agreement (PPA). Its purpose was to notify these customers about the recent changes made to its agreement governing IBM’s software licenses. The letter opened with the following: “IBM is pleased to announce some important enhancements to your IBM International Passport Advantage ...

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An Inside Job: Employee Espionage and Negligence

Electronic information theft has been on the rise for some time. Whether the theft is focused on healthcare facilities, major department stores, banks, or even hardware stores (does a recent Home Depot e-payment theft come to mind?); the fact remains that in our digital society, electronic information can be, and far too often is, compromised. While black hat hackers gain ...

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Corralling SQL Server CALs

This is one of my favorite topics with clients.  It never fails that most clients I speak with have multiple SQL Server license types, which usually includes SQL Server CALs.  So what exactly is a SQL Server CAL, well I can tell you it has no relationship to a large four legged animal grazing in a field, but I will ...

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An Honest Discussion About the IBM License Metric Tool ILMT

Let’s be honest about something: The IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) has gotten a lot of bad-press over the past several years. Some of that has been well deserved in terms of difficulty of installing and managing the tool, especially the earlier versions. Many customers would argue that, “we only run ILMT because IBM makes us.” Now that we have ...

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What Triggers a Software Audit and How to Prepare for the Inevitable?

One of the most common misconceptions we see from organizations is concern and confusion surrounding software licensing audits. The “concern” part is always valid as audits are a legal right your organization agreed to when buying the license and the consequences for non-compliance can be very high. It’s important to treat any request for a “self-assessment” or other audit demand ...

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