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How we built our SAM Tool RFP

In this article I hope to walk you through how to procure a Software Asset Management (SAM) tool using the Request For Proposal (RFP) method. I will discuss the following topics: 1. Definition of RFP 2. Why RFP 3. Features needed by each internal team 4. Core requirements vs supplemental features 5. Scoring each feature 6. Top priority publishers 7. ...

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An effective SAM practice is fought in the trenches

A plethora of online information is available to help companies prepare for a formal software audit. Of course, the best approach is to have a proactive Software Asset Management (SAM) program in place prior to an audit starting, but what if you don’t? Even with a proactive SAM program in place, audits can still bring surprises. So how do you ...

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Security Standards- PCI, SAS70/SSAE, AAA NAID

Security compliance requirements present complications for IT asset management professionals and their respective IT asset disposal vendors and data destruction service providers. In addition to federal and state regulatory requirements, industry stakeholders have introduced and have raised the bar to include more sophisticated and prescriptive measures to protect personal identifiable information (PII). Since some industry-created security standards have existed for ...

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Is a SAM Managed Service Right for You?

A Managed Service can be one way to increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your SAM program. Could hiring a team of dedicated, seasoned SAM professionals lead to a more painless program? This article will review the basics of a SAM Managed Service: What is a Managed Service? What can it do for you? Is it worth the investment? In ...

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The Real Cost of Unused Software

1E recently published the fourth yearly software waste study ( which analyzed data from over 3.6m desktops across 150 companies. According to the 1E Financial Analyst team which compiled the study together, on average in the US, 37% of software is wasted – going unused on the machines it is installed on. That’s 37% of software which your company has ...

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Certification Integration, Quality, Compliance, and Security

By Eric Capps & Scott Venhaus – Arrow Value Recovery Risk management is critical to a sound Quality, Environmental, Health, Safety, and Security (QEHSS) program, and often we look to current or new certification standards to give us the systems or protocols we need to support risk management. Most companies leverage multiple standards as the risks they identify span the ...

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Beyond Compliance – SAM and the CIO Agenda

What’s on the CIO agenda? The agenda of CIOs is packed, packed with requirements to make a company’s IT more reliant and available, more elastic and scalable, not to be forgotten more efficient, so all in all more business oriented and demand driven. Their company’s future may be at stake! And with new disruptive technologies, products, services and business models ...

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ILMT & IBM Passport Advantage Agreements – Are You at Risk?

Many companies are reactionary to software compliance; forgoing the process of monitoring and reporting on software position until the eventual time that they are placed under the pressures of an active audit. For customers that are part of an IBM audit for PVU-based software products, the sting of the experience can be painful and felt over the course of a ...

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The Cloud and SAM

I remember the first time I brought up software asset management (SAM) as a good opportunity to help clients and vendors have a better, more transparent relationship. It was a win-win: clients could optimize contracts and vendors could protect their intellectual property. But I was told it was a poor idea because cloud would change everything and make SAM disappear. ...

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The Future of Software Asset Management

Software asset compliance is achieved by legally acquiring and consuming a genuine copy of a software product according to copyright in accordance with the licensed term and conditions specified by the software publisher. Making sure such compliance remains active relies on: 1) documenting and implementing a strict acquisition process that requires approval and monitoring; 2) being able to assess consumption/usage; ...

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