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  • ITAM World News
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  • IAITAM 2011 ACE Updates
  • IT Asset Management Education
  • IAITAM Fellowship Update
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ITAM World News


Did you know that this month’s topic is about software piracy in the U.S.?  According to a report recently released by the Business Software Alliance piracy rates across the U.S. are not consistent. Did you know that almost 50% of the reported piracy violations occur in just 5% of the states within the U.S.?  Read more…

Did you know that the US Congress was taking another pass at possible e-waste legislation?  According to this newly published article in CFO Magazine online, in the coming months, Congress will give another go at passing a law restricting how electronic devices are recycled. Previous attempts at establishing a nationwide stance for preventing the transfer of the growing heap of TVs, cell phones, and computers from the United States to developing nations haven’t passed the committee stage. Read more…

Did you know that there are special considerations when moving to a cloud computing environment?  Enterprise Systems lays out 5 Considerations for Optimizing the Dynamic Data Center if implementing an internal cloud.  If you’re moving to private clouds, keep these considerations in mind as you plan your migration. The concept of the private cloud has been around ever since the first data centers were formed. With the advent of virtualization technology, this idea has moved beyond the realm of vision and become possible for all data centers (large and small).  Read more…

Did you know, I recently read a blog entry from Information Management online with the headline “Culture Eats Strategy For Lunch”?  As I have heard on numerous occasions while teaching IAITAM training courses, corporate culture can deeply influence the success or failure of a program such as ITAM.  Read more or comment on the blog from Connie Moore.

Upcoming IAITAM Education & Webinars:


May 9-12:
CSAM Online 12-3pm EDT 


May 9-12:
CHAMP Online 9am-12pm EDT 


May 10:
Aspera’s  It’s all in the details! Managing and Measuring Data Quality for Software License Management 


May 12:
BDNA’s Clarify, Classify and Enrich Your SCCM Data in the Cloud 


May 17-18:
CSAM Las Vegas, NV 


May 19-20:
CHAMP Las Vegas, NV 


May 23-27:
CITAM Las Vegas, NV 


May 24:
Scalable’s The Truth About Metering


Meet the Trainer! – Keith Rupnik, IAITAM’s Education Director


For this month’s edition of the Member Digest, we decided to interview one of our trainers who is “in the field,” teaching and instructing members and students in IT Asset Management practices and procedures.  For the first interview, meet the Education Director at IAITAM, Keith Rupnik. Keith has a unique and entertaining style that keeps classes lively and involved as he shares knowledge and experiences.  He brings that same approach into the IAITAM office, sharing his ability to communicate ideas (and his jokes) with the entire staff.  Here is what he had to say about IT Asset Management and where he foresees the industry moving in the next 5-10 years.


IAITAM:  When did you know you wanted to be involved with IT, and particularly, asset management?

Keith Rupnik:  I needed money.  But seriously, when I noticed that there was a hole that needed to be filled at the company where I worked.  The need grew out of necessity due to relocation of the company.  The head of IT at the time and I worked well together so that was my first involvement in it.


IAITAM:  How did you get your start in the industry?

KR:  I went to college for it. My first interest was writing software and grew from that to applying IT to business needs.  At my first company I was a software engineer in the early 1980’s, probably somewhere around 1983.  Programming with an abacus was very difficult.


IAITAM:  What is one of the greatest joys you have encountered in the classroom?

KR:  The greatest is, and has been to this day, is when I can help people with their program or doing their job. People are getting their money’s worth, and being able to share knowledge and experience with others and knowing it will make a difference.  It just is really cool.


IAITAM:  What is one of the greatest difficulties?

KR: Besides this interview? Haha! The greatest difficulty I have encountered is not being able to fix the primary problem with IT Asset Management.  That is adoption, coming up with a way to make executive management to do it.  We know it is the right thing to do; we don’t need an ROI calculator.  You don’t need some mathematical proof for it.  It just makes sense.  When I get people in my class who are struggling with buy-in, I wish I could give them a silver bullet to fix their problem.


IAITAM:  Teachers usually learn from students as often as students learn from teachers.  What was one of the greatest lessons you have learned from your students?

KR:  There are several of those lessons, actually.  The general lesson I learned is their approach to the problems within asset management. For example, in a discussion with an executive, the person mentioned that there were three lost laptops. The executive said the ITAM program wasn’t working very well. The person responded that it was working; otherwise they wouldn’t have known they were missing.  I loved that one.  I also really enjoy learning ways to improve doing IT asset management.


IAITAM:  Often times, you and the other instructors at IAITAM talk about the “light-bulb” moment. Describe that for us.

KR:  The light bulb moment is literally when the light turns on.  I see it a lot in the CITAM class where our goal is to offer a new perspective on ITAM and ITAM process development.  It takes some time for people to understand what I’m talking about. Once they understand it and relate to their programs, it’s like a light came on. You can see it in their eyes, in their demeanor.  The feedback as an instructor is that the student is actually getting it.  It is an amazing feeling that can’t really be explained, only experienced.


IAITAM:  Where do you see the IT Asset Management industry moving towards in the next 5-10 years?

KR:  If the trend continues as we see it today, there will be ever more adoption of the ITAM profession by organizations. I expect to see not just vertical growth of the adoption of IT Asset Management but also horizontal growth as well in the context that more people will become aware of IT Asset Management in the organization, even if it’s not their primary or secondary job.  For example, the CFO would see the value that the IT asset management crew will bring to the organization.  The CEO would see the value of ITAM in compliance maintenance for the overall organization as well.


IAITAM:  Would you describe one of the funniest moments you have ever encountered in the classroom?

KR:  My favorite funny moments are watching the students react to my bad jokes.  Then they realize I am grading their tests!  Just kidding.  We were talking about external noise and how it affects people when a rope hit the window outside the classroom and a window-washer came down that rope. It was a priceless segue into external noise.


IAITAM:  What are some unique benefits to on-line class instruction over the in-classroom environment?

KR: Travel isn’t an issue.  Also, it’s a daily three hour session, so you can deal with work for those other five hours of the day.  It is a great way to balance a hectic work schedule and still continue your education and advancement in the profession.  In-person classes are an eight hour day, so you have to address work issues afterwards.  You do get the benefit of face-to-face encounters with your peers.  The other benefit of on-line instruction, a huge benefit actually, is that you don’t see my face!


IAITAM:  Thanks again for your time, Keith.  Any last words or nuggets of knowledge you wish to share with the members?

KR:  In our profession, continuous education is a requirement. While I hope that everyone seeks additional education through IAITAM, never stop learning regardless of the source of knowledge.  One of the things I love about working for the association is that we get views of ITAM programs world-wide.  Problems are the same, but different.  Solutions are the same, but different.  Out of all the jobs I have held in the past, I feel this one really gives me the ability to understand our customer.  You, the member.  Thank you for your membership and continue to push the profession forward.  Don’t be afraid to contact me at any time at krupnik@iaitam.org.



IT Asset Knowledge (ITAK)


Next month’s feature topic for the ITAK magazine is Disposal Management.  Have you ever had data or software compromised in your organization and what steps did you take to improve your processes?  What is your document retention time periods and why?  What new disposal legislation and regulations are being introduced that the IT Asset Management community might want to know about?  These are all topics IAITAM members would love to hear about.  Submit your article to ITAK@Iaitam.org and if your article is published, you will receive points towards your recertification..




The IAITAM ACE is creating a buzz throughout the IT Asset Management Community!  The 2011 line-up is posted – see who is speaking this year in City Center, Las Vegas USA! Click here to see the IAITAM 2011 ACE Speaker Line-up and Session Topics.

In addition to this year’s ACE, be sure to learn about the individual speakers and read articles about their expertise and experiences each month in ITAK!  Last month’s featured speaker was Ed Cartier – Policies for Pad Computing Mobility – Going Mobile? – First Get a Roadmap


The upcoming edition of ITAK includes:

  • A column by Peter Beruk, Senior Director of Compliance Marketing for BSA – BSA in Brief – “What I Would Tell a Software Asset Manager”
  • An article by Stephen Covert, Manager of Vendor Services, Highlights for Children – Planning Ahead for Microsoft Windows 8
  • An article by Scott Rosenberg, CEO and Founder, Miro Consulting, Inc. – Lawyers and Software Negotiations – When and How to Use a Lawyer
  • An article by Chris Bokert, Principle Consultant, Linium – Life Sciences and Software Compliance – More Software Regulations for Software in Medical Devices
  • An article by Phara McLachlan, CEO, Animus Solutions Inc.- Software Audits on the Rise –Avoiding of Non-Compliance
  • An article by Dan Wilson, Business Development Manager, RightStar Systems – ITAM + CMDB = Success – Taking IT Asset Management from Pen and Paper to the CMDB
  • And finally, Kris Barker, Co-founder and CEO of Express Metrix – Software Identification Problems Continue – 20 Years of Challenges Will Persist Into the ISO 19770-2 Tagging Era

Watch ITAK each month for additional speaker articles leading up the IAITAM 2011 ACE!


For all those interested in making their room reservations at the Aria Hotel for the 2011 ACE – the room block is now available.
Click here to make your hotel reservations today.


IT Asset Management Education


IAITAM’s education schedule continues to grow and professional development within organizations appears to be on the rise.  Learn what is considered industry best practice from IAITAM and take advantage of the classroom peer to peer networking.

For the month of May, all three certification classes (CSAM, CHAMP and CITAM) are being offered in the Las Vegas, NV office as well as our monthly scheduled online courses, CSAM and CHAMP.   To register for any of the IAITAM certification courses, or review the schedule for the remainder of 2011, click here.



IAITAM Fellowship Update


During the month of May, the IAITAM Fellowship Nomination process will kick off.  IAITAM wants everyone to look at those practitioners within their own environment that have pioneered the corporate ITAM initiative or have brought significant value into the organization through their efforts within ITAM and consider nominating them as an IAITAM Fellow for 2011.


As in the past, after careful review of the nominees’ qualifications, the current Fellows will vote on the inductees for 2011 and they will be awarded Fellowship stature at the 2011 ACE later this year in Las Vegas.


The title “IAITAM Fellow” is prestigious personal industry recognition from the ITAM community which recognizes an individual as a leader amongst their fellow asset management practitioners.  If you have any questions, contact media@iaitam.org.



IAITAM Member User Groups (IMUG)


Join the IAITAM Member User Group sessions for May!  Presenters will include some of IAITAM’s new Providers, 1E and Rightstar!  New to all IMUG sessions now include IAITAM and Chair driven topic discussions for all to benefit from.  April’s discussions centered on:

  • The Copier Issue – How are you handling copier disposal
  • ITIL vs. ITAM – Do they play nice in your environment
  • On the jobs front
  • How is it out in the Cloud

Join IAITAM and your fellow Members in May for follow up and more topics that affect the ITAM community!  If you’re not already an IMUG participant, just sign into the IAITAM site and register for one or all at /User_Group.htm.


IT Asset Management Social Media


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Provider Members of the Month


Check out the new and improved IAITAM Provider Member pages to find out what IAITAM Provider Members can do for you!

  • Express Metrix
  • Rightstar Systems


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