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Challenges of IT Asset Disposition

IT inventory Management

Anyone who has created a corporate IT Asset Management program, or is contemplating one, will tell you that it is challenging to create a successful program. We will explore some of the issues in doing so. Who should be involved in this process? Who are these stakeholder groups and why do they matter? Do they have competing interests? Let’s explore ...

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Why I became a certified e-Steward

My work in electronics recycling began before I had ever heard of Basel Action Network (BAN) or the e-Stewards idea. I worked as a director of a nonprofit recycling organization for 14 years before coming to work for e-Stewards as the Enterprise Director. Back then, we were just trying to do the best we could with very little knowledge, and, ...

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Four Trends That Affect the IT Asset Disposition Process

2017 marks ten years since the very first iPhone was introduced. Since then, innovation in smart phone technology has made dramatic improvements and it is not slowing down. Smartphones have become omnipresent and more advanced, creating a new world of applications. However, we all know smartphones aren’t the only technology affecting business. Within the business environment IT Managers are satisfying ...

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The Final Check-Out: 8 Lessons Learned from 8,000 Projects

Google, “hacks to improve” and you will find a million shortcuts to improve almost any aspect of your life – your credit score, public speaking, or memory to name just a few. Finding ways to make your organization’s IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) program effective is not as easy, so we created them for you. Experience with clients across a wide ...

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End of Life IT Asset Security

The risk of information security breaches is a large concern for all companies, or it should be, if not. These days, responsible companies are throwing endless resources at preventing hackers from accessing their valuable information and/or customer information at the hands of hackers. While this is very important, they sometimes fail to see the potential information leaks due to little ...

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Check Before You Chuck It: 7 ITAD Mistakes to Avoid

Check Before You Chuck It

Once legacy data has outlived its usefulness, what should you do with it: Repurpose it? Resell it? Recycle it? Destroy it? As it turns out, with IT asset disposal, you may be able to do all of the above. What we’re talking about is e-waste and a lot of it. This includes old computers, computer hardware, printers, fax machines, scanners ...

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Unravelling the Minefield of End of Life IT Equipment

RDC Warehouse

The average cost of a corporate data breach is now estimated to be $4 million¹. Many people focus their concern on the potential fines; however, the largest impact comes from the cost of cleaning up after a data breach and the loss of customer confidence resulting in reduced revenue. It is estimated that over 2 billion gigabytes of data are ...

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Is your ITAD vendor meeting your ITAD needs?

Opportunity Knocks Several years ago we worked with a disposal vendor who wouldn’t play ball. We asked the vendor numerous times for specific reporting around the product they were receiving from us. This would provide us opportunity to track and trend our disposable assets and build process improvements, delivering increased financial efficiency. Our requests were routinely answered with excuses for ...

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Data Wiping Best Practices – Good, Better, Best

Remove the Data, Remove the Risk The golden rule when it comes to data security when retiring hard drives is “remove the data, remove the risk.”  Another more useful way to look at this is that the sooner the data is removed in the process, the lower your risk.  Retired drives containing data are an invitation for both intentional and ...

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