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The E-Scrap Industry in Transition – A U.S. “State of the Union”

By Henry Leineweber, E-Scrap News & Plastics Recycling ITAK V7 I1 Did you get a shiny new TV, Kindle or iProduct over the holidays?  Is last year’s must-have gadget collecting dust in your basement?  More than likely, the answer to both of those questions is “yes.”   To deal with the increasing proliferation of electronic gadgets, and the inevitable electronic ...

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Nine Questions to Secure ITAD – Don’t Go it Alone: How to Select an IT Asset Disposition Vendor

By Steve Skurnac, Sims Recycling Solutions ITAK V7 I1 The arrival of the first quarter of the business year presents a perfect opportunity for IT asset managers to take a fresh look at existing corporate IT asset disposition policies and to fix kinks that cause process bottlenecks, fail to take advantage of cost-saving opportunities or miss the mark environmentally.  One ...

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Analyzing and Avoiding ITAD Risks – Sixteen Steps to Proactive Protection for Final Disposition

By Jim Kegley, U.S. Micro Corporation ITAK V7 I1 As technology evolves so must the commitment and responsibility of companies worldwide to make sure their IT asset disposition (ITAD) processes are up to date, secure and environmentally sound. It takes diligence and research to understand the right questions to ask about your company’s ITAD process and your vendor’s methodology.  But ...

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The Market for ITAD Vendors in China – An Analysis of Current Practices and Opportunities

By Umang Saini & Amjad Afanah, UCLA Students ITAK V7 I1 With an estimated population of 1.4 billion and a large IT industry, China would seem to offer extraordinary opportunity for firms specializing in IT asset disposition (“ITAD”).  This article documents the findings from a six-month consulting assignment conducted by MBA students from UCLA’s Anderson Graduate School of Management to ...

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Selecting an ITAD Strategy – Do Goals Stop at Disposal and Compliance or Also Include Financial Return?

By Gabrielle Bové, PlanITROI ITAK V7 I1 C.S. Lewis once said, “Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement.” If we visualize a road to achieving a successful IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) program, then the beginning would be the minimal service required.  Most IT asset managers would consider environmental compliance and data security at the beginning of the road. ...

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Capturing Asset Change Data – Catch Point Strategies

By Brett Husselbaugh, eTelligent Solutions Inc. ITAK V6 I10 Competent capture of asset change data is often overlooked and an under-designed aspect of the typical ITAM solution.   Accurate data capture necessitates tight integration led by process and strongly supported by automation.  Even though there are many ITAM tools available, clients are largely left to figure this part of the solution ...

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Donating to Charity Safely and Effectively – Meet Social Responsibility Goals through Managed Hardware Remarketing

By Jill Vaske, Redemtech ITAK V6 I10 For those of us who spend our days immersed in technology, it is hard to imagine what life is like for the one-third of Americans who lack a home PC or broadband Internet access. This digital exclusion creates major barriers to getting and keeping a job, succeeding in school, keeping up with family ...

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Considering the Future of ITAM – Where ITAM is Going and How to Get There Safely

By David Puckett, Animus Solutions ITAM History They say history repeats itself but most people don’t think that applies to the technology industry.  It is hard to believe that we are considering our industry to be repeating itself.  I came into the IT industry just as time-share computing was ending.  During those times, companies contracted for computing using multi-year contracts ...

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U.S. Government Steps UP Green Initiatives Complexity in Software Licenses – An update from the Green Electronics Council

By Sarah O’Brien, EPEAT/Green Electronics Council ITAK Volume 6 Issue 8 The recent announcement of an overarching National Strategy for Electronics Stewardship signals an increased commitment on the part of the US Federal Government to “green” purchasing, management and end of life disposition of information and communication technology (ICT) products.  Since the government spends an estimated $79 billion on Information ...

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