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Cloud Computing License Management – Four Approaches to License Management in the Cloud

By David Bicket ITAK Volume 6 Issue 2 Four Approaches to License Management in the Cloud Extract from ISS-N004-v3.2, Cloud Computing and License Management by David Bicket, March, 2011, printed with permission, Text and diagrams © David Bicket 2011.   David Bicket, the convener of the ISO/IEC working group developing SAM standards, published a white paper on the ISO SAM ...

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Changes in Microsoft Licensing – Select Plus News: Minimum Waived on Initial Order

By Directions on Microsoft ITAK Volume 6 Issue 1 Making the right software licensing decisions requires knowledge of your organization’s buying history, its IT plans for the coming year and the alternative licensing options available from the vendor.  It also requires staying up-to-date on changes to the software vendor’s licensing rules and policies.  In this article, we cover recent changes ...

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The Demand for ITAD Certification – Clearing up Confustion About the R2 Standard

By Jenny Schuchert, IAITAM Inc. ITAK Volume 6 Issue 1 Hardware Asset Management doesn’t stop with the life of the asset but continues through the “death” of the device.  In the last ten years, IT Asset Managers have dramatically improved disposal management for their organizations, beginning with presenting redeployment options first, tracking through the lifecycle and documenting final disposition effectively.  ...

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Copyright is a Global Concern – Copyright Laws and Software License Compliance

By Jenny Schuchert, IAITAM Inc. ITAK V5 I3 When Software Asset Managers are in the middle of a difficult audit, the underlying laws that influence these important tasks are often ignored.  We even call it “software license compliance” and allow actions to be driven by the contract language without questioning the ownership rights derived from copyright law.  Software Asset Managers ...

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Becoming an ITAD Hero – Are You Getting Measurable Payback and True Value From Your Disposal Process

By Paul Baum, PlanITROI Inc. ITAK V4 I10 It’s a fact – being an IT Asset Manager rarely gets the recognition it deserves.  The rewards may be limited, the risks of the position may be greater than other IT positions, and when there is recognition, it generally only comes after something goes wrong.  With “job security” being at the forefront ...

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Consolidation Adds Value – Vendor Consolidation Establishes Value and Win-Win Relationships

By Barbara Rembiesa, President and CEO of IAITAM ITAK V4 I10 Vendor Management, what is it and who within the organization actually does it?  Without answers to these questions, organizations find it difficult to effectively manage their vendors much less take advantage of consolidation, get the best possible value for their purchases, establish clear channels of communication or create that ...

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Protect Yourself – Certified Data Erasure Enables Security in Disposal Management Policy

By Markku Willgren, Blancco ITAK V4 I4 Management of information technology (IT) assets is a complex task for any organization and an important effort in controlling IT costs. While maximizing asset use is important in achieving IT budgets, even greater costs are at stake if a company does not create and enforce an asset disposal management policy that protects data, ...

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Electronic Stewardship – Electronics Recycling: Certification is the Silver Bullet

By Robert Houghton, Redemtech ITAK V4 I4 IT professionals have become good environmental and privacy stewards during the past 10 years—on paper. When we founded Redemtech in 1998, customers would often argue for the dumpster as an acceptable disposal strategy. No more.   A decade ago, in more innocent times, few customers were terribly concerned about destroying confidential company data ...

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