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As Easy as PI – Printer Reduction Across the Enterprise

By Ilan Justh, ITAM & Software Licensing Expert ITAK V4 I3 “…it’s as easy as Pi …”  Well I thought so too when I began this project at least.  As I eventually learned, every project has so many unexpected factors coming into play my Pi became a stew. Set The Stage Let me clear up your confusion and describe my ...

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It’s More Than Disposal – DIscrepency Reporting Delivers Surprising Business Benefits

By Chris Adam, Converge ITAK V4 I2 One of the major challenges of IT asset disposal (ITAD) is maintaining consistent and reliable discrepancy reporting. This allows an organization to ensure that the assets that were on the network are the same assets that are decommissioned, transferred to the ITAD provider for processing, and disposed of properly. If sensitive data is ...

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