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Balancing Requirement and Risk – Lessons Learned Building an ITAD Due-Diligence Assessment

By Carleen E. Matsuka, Microsoft ITAK V10 I1 Managing the risk associated with the disposal of assets can be complicated.  Risk around compliance to data protection laws such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act [HIPAA] in the United States and the United Kingdom’s [UK] Data Protection Act of 1998 makes managing a global program overwhelming to any organization.  ...

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Reusable Yield – The One Number That Predicts Profitable and Sustainable IT Disposition

By Robert Houghton, Sage Sustainable Electronics ITAK V10 I1 Reusable Yield is the silver bullet metric that measures how little of your old electronics goes to waste when you buy new hardware.  It’s simple to calculate.  Divide the total number of items reused—through redeployment, resale, or donation—by the total number of devices dispositioned.  Nothing predicts end-of-lifecycle financial results and environmental ...

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Combined ITAM/ITSM Systems – A Convergence Strategy for Success

By Chris Borkert, Linium, LLC ITAK V9 I11 The IT landscape continues to change and evolve.  One major development is that organizations, of all sizes, are moving toward a multi-supplier IT service model.  People, groups, processes and tools are all playing important roles.  In the IT organization of the future, ITAM will clearly be at the center of delivering IT ...

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Data Breaches Carry a Big Price Tag – Inadequate Security Measures Lead Directly to Costly Data Breaches

By Ron Helmer, Synetic Technologies, Inc. ITAK V9 I11 Recent lawsuits determine who is responsible for protecting private data during the IT disposition process.  And it is not who you think. Case Study One A class action lawsuit was settled for $3 million against AvMed, a health plan company, stemming from a 2009 data breach.  The settlement is significant because it awards ...

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Shred Only or Not? – Business Issues around Data Destruction and a Shred Only Policy

By Sean Giffen & Leigh Kimmelman, ITRenew ITAK V9 I11 Let’s face it, data breaches can be very costly and drive shredding is a proven technique for data destruction.  Whether or not this is the ideal solution depends on numerous factors including data erasure technology, environmental impact and the value of those drives being shredded.   Risk Mitigation   When ...

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