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Shred Only or Not? – Business Issues around Data Destruction and a Shred Only Policy

By Sean Giffen & Leigh Kimmelman, ITRenew ITAK V9 I11 Let’s face it, data breaches can be very costly and drive shredding is a proven technique for data destruction.  Whether or not this is the ideal solution depends on numerous factors including data erasure technology, environmental impact and the value of those drives being shredded.   Risk Mitigation   When ...

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Encryption is NOT Data Sanitization – Avoid Risk Escalation by Mistaking Encryption for Data Sanitation

By Samuel Peery, WhiteCanyon Software ITAK V9 I10 Encrypting hard drives adds an effective new level of data protection and security for organizations.  However, there is a disturbing trend of relying upon encryption as the sole form of data sanitization.  While encrypted data may seem inaccessible it should never be considered sanitized because the data is still there.  As long ...

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Cyber Security Trends Relevant to ITAM – The Growth of a Profession and the Importance of Credentialing

By John Laskey, APMG-International ITAK V9 I10 On behalf of APMG-International, I look forward to presenting at the IAITAM 2014 Fall ACE at Sandusky, Ohio.  This will be my first presentation to IAITAM:  I’ll be talking about some commonalties between IT asset management and cyber security.  I’ll also present some case studies. My background is cyber security and I spent ...

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August 2014 – Rethinking Where Organizational Risk Comes From

By IAITAM 2014 ACE Events IAITAM 2014 Fall ACE update: Did you know that the Fall ACE schedule was posted and there are some very intriguing educational topic areas noted: KEYNOTE:  The Seven Secrets to an Extraordinary Life! KEYNOTE: Why ITAM is the key to secure ICT disposal. How to Manage an Oracle Audit. Asset vs. CI – Bringing it ...

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R2 Standard’s Home has Changed Names to SERI – A Conversation with John Lingelbach

By Jenny Schuchert, IAITAM ITAK V9 I8 The organization responsible for the development and promotion of the R2 Standard (Responsible Recycling) has changed its name from R2 Solutions to Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI), and with that transition in June, 2014, began a new, expanded mission for the organization and its staff. The press release about the change explained that ...

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Data Breach Prevention Driver for Disposal – IT Asset Disposition Diligence Starts Day-One

By Robert Johnson, NAID & Kyle Marks, Retire-IT, LLC ITAK V9 I5 Last January, Coca-Cola admitted to the theft of an unspecified number of laptops containing personal information on approximately 74,000 individuals, including social security numbers, driving license details, salaries, and ethnicity.  Reportedly, the laptops had been stolen by the employee in charge of the company’s information technology asset disposal ...

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