Policy Management

Policies for Pad Computing Mobility – Going Mobile? – First Get a Roadmap

By Ed Cartier, xAssets Ltd. ITAK Volume 6 Issue 2    Anyone who really believes that pad-computers (hereafter “pads” to save some ink and paper) won’t invade just about everyone’s IT infrastructure in the next year or so is woefully naïve.  Strong words?  Not really.  First, that’s not just my opinion.  The consensus of the research companies (the ones that ...

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Review Your Policies – QSP: Defining the Policy Review Process

By Barbara Rembiesa, President and CEO of IAITAM ITAK V4 I7 Your organization probably has more policies in place than one could count. These policies can range from organizational activities and procedures to behavioral requirements while at work. These policies are important to daily function, but sometimes overlap occurs between two policies. They essentially say the same thing in two ...

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