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President’s Letter – SAM Inside and Outside the Firewall

By Barbara Rembiesa, President & CEO of IAITAM ITAK V7 I8 With the popularity of SaaS, IaaS, PaaS and other cloud models, the “organization’s computing environment” has a significant volume of application usage conducted outside of the firewall as well as data hosted by other entities.  It is time to actively acknowledge that the data center is no longer the ...

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President’s Letter – Laws, Compliance and Enforcement

By Barbara Rembiesa, President & CEO of IAITAM ITAK V8 I6 Conflicting requests to IT Asset Managers are common since services are provided to every function, department or subsidiary, separated into semi-autonomous units within the organization.  Conflict resolution requires executive guidance at times and is always aided by the ITAM program’s plans, policies and alignment to organizational goals.  Despite these ...

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President’s Letter – The Role of Standards

By Barbara Rembiesa, President & CEO of IAITAM ITAK V8 I5 Standards make our lives simpler.  We have multi-use adaptors and can discover identifying information on a server regardless of brand or model.  These simplifications represent standards that have been successfully developed and implemented after an investment of time and hard work.  When published, manufacturers may voluntarily comply or governments ...

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President’s Letter – Drivin’ ITAM Worldwide

By Barbara Rembiesa, President & CEO of IAITAM ITAK V8 I4 This month, IAITAM hosts the first spring conference for IT Asset Management in Houston, Texas.  This ACE joins the fall event in order to accommodate the busy schedules and travel budgets of IT Asset Managers.  Our Texas-inspired theme points to the global aspects of IT Asset Management.  Not only ...

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President’s Letter – ITAM and Security

By Barbara Rembiesa, President & CEO of IAITAM ITAK V8 I3 Security used to be a guard at the door.  Now it is a category of requirements- a big, dark and scary category of responsibilities.  With all of the risks associated with the use of IT assets, IT Asset Management cannot afford to assume security is someone else’s job.  Security ...

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President’s Letter – Digging into the Management of BYOD

By Barbara Rembiesa, President & CEO of IAITAM ITAK V8 I2 The business adoption of mobile assets continues to expand, fed by the hopes for increased employee efficiencies at an acceptable cost.  There is also momentum coming from the fear of falling behind and losing out on the best employees and savviest business tactics.  With the importance attached to mobile ...

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President’s Letter – Taking a Look at Assumptions

By Barbara Rembiesa, President & CEO of IAITAM V8 I1 I have heard quite a few unsettling remarks about Disposal Management.  “Why does IAITAM talk about disposal so much?  We’ve had one vendor for years.”  “I don’t know what happens at disposal, someone else must take care of that.”  “I work with software; I don’t need to know about hardware.”  ...

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President’s Letter – ITAM Awareness Month

By Barbara Rembiesa, President & CEO of IAITAM ITAK V7 I12 ITAM Awareness Month is an opportunity to step away from the details of our day and think about the broad scope of IT Asset Management.  This celebration is a natural fit for the end of the year when we contemplate what we have achieved and what lies ahead for ...

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President’s Letter – Balancing Goals for 2013

By Barbara Rembiesa, President & CEO of IAITAM ITAK V7 I11 Disasters like the recent hurricane on the east coast of the U.S. test processes, documentation and the planning that created the programs.  Initial recovery efforts are directed at the health and welfare of families and coworkers, but it isn’t long before people are working towards normality, even if it ...

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What is Data Center ITAM?

By Barbara Rembiesa, President & CEO of IAITAM ITAK V7 I9 Why focus on the data center specifically when discussing IT Asset Management?  Surely, most, if not all of the ITAM processes have specific nuances for the type of asset being managed.  After all, servers are assets to be approved, acquired, tagged, tracked, reconfigured and disposed, just like other IT ...

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