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Understanding the Real Cost of Cloud – Combating Shadow IT

By Jeanne Morain, Client4Client ITAK V8 I5 Despite all the cloud experts, technologies and consultants – even the best laid plans could be sidetracked if costs rise out of control.  This is in part due to the nascent nature of cloud computing being full of hidden costs, surprises and the clash of forces that are currently impacting IT.    In theory, ...

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Blurring the Lines – The Top Tier of “To-Dos”

By Stephen Becker, CSAM ITAK V8 I5 This article is a guide to understanding our function as a whole and the main functions that we must remember to include in our daily duties. Today’s IT asset manager runs a very blurry line that encompasses many skill sets and responsibilities.  We have to be competent in multiple fields as well as ...

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Get What You Pay For – The Cost Benefit of ITAM

By Kelly M. Lowe & L. Rene Abreo, Cask LLC ITAK V8 I4 Globalization, diversification, and the rapid change in technology are highlighting the need to have robust asset management processes in place to manage IT purchases and software licensing, mitigate risks, reduce costs, and optimize performance levels. A comprehensive IT Asset Management program is fundamental to managing the infrastructure ...

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ITAM Practitioner Survey – 2012 Results

By IAITAM ITAK V8 I4 Overview   A survey conducted each year at the International Association of IT Asset Managers, Inc.’s Annual Conference and Exhibition (ACE) provides guidance to the association on the changes in the IT Asset Management (ITAM) profession and the role that IT Asset Management has within the organization.  Respondents at the conference and within a short ...

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Super Storms and ITAM – Lessons Learned from Hurricane Sandy

By Frank Venezia & Steffani Lomax, Siwel Consulting ITAK V8 I3 In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the largest Atlantic hurricane on record, countless metro New York area businesses were severely affected.  Some companies lost valuable equipment and deployed software, while others experienced severe data center interruptions. Recovering from a natural disaster such as Sandy is a time-consuming and costly ...

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The Wild, Wild West of Mobility – The Growing Mobile App Market

By Timothy J. LaFleur, IAITAM ITAK V8 I2 Tim shares his experiences as an instructor for the Certified Mobile Asset Management (CMAM) course  A tremendous mobile boom has taken place over the last couple years, leading towards the eventual succession from the PC-centric era to a mobile-centric era even in the business setting.   At this point in the progress, the ...

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