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An ITAM Occupational Hazard – Becoming a Victim of your Own Success, ITAM Program, SAM

By Lisa Wilson, Harris County Hospital District ITAK Volume 6 Issue 4: Disposal Management   I recently found myself complaining (again) that executive management was not hearing my recommendations on how to incorporate Asset Management best practices into our program.  Again, I was strongly suggesting that these improvements would mature our program into one that a $1B company should have. ...

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The CIO’s Dilemma – The Role of the CIO with Today’s Ever Changing Technological Advances

By Krista Aguilar – OpenIT, Inc. ITAK V5 I5 CIO roles have been changing lately, to include major tasks such as cost-cutting, reworking existing business processes, and reshaping the enterprise’s physical infrastructure. Integrating Internet and the enterprise’s knowledge resources into both its long-term strategy and its immediate business plans has required massive focus.   IT managers may feel constrained in ...

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Expanding Horizons – Data Centers – What’s in it for IT Asset Managers?

By Jenny Schuchert, IAITAM Inc. ITAK V5 I5 Managing IT assets within the data center is often treated as a separate responsibility, particularly in large organizations.  Many professionals performing IT Asset Management (ITAM) duties for hardware and software have extended their IT careers to include the management of assets and, for the data center, understanding the layers required to build ...

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7 Deadly Sins – Resolution to the Seven Most Common Mistakes in an ITAM Program

By Phara McLachlan, Animus Solutions ITAK V5 I5   “To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time.” – Leonard Bernstein, American conductor, composer and pianist (1918-1990)   There is a common misunderstanding regarding the difference between project management and program management – even within the industry.  People have a tendency to use the ...

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No Rain On Your Parade – The Cloud is Coming, Relax

By Ed Cartier, xAssets Ltd. ITAK V5 I5 It can be argued that the practice of IT asset management (ITAM) was born out of a number of unforeseen changes. To describe the impact of those changes, let me lay a little groundwork.   For years data processing was centralized. Employees (not quite thought of as end-users yet) logged into a ...

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Your Enterprise Upgrade Options – Licensing Strategies for Windows 7 Upgrade

By Paul DeGroot, Directions on Microsoft ITAK V5 I4   Matching IT and business objectives with the right licensing plan can significantly reduce the cost of Windows 7 upgrades   The release of Windows 7 has prompted many organizations to begin planning desktop OS upgrades. In addition to planning the technical aspects of a desktop OS deployment, they must also ...

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Adding Business Value – Catching Up After a Year or More in Emergency Mode

By Jenny Schuchert, IAITAM Inc. ITAK V5 I4 The organization has changed rapidly in response to the new economy and the related shifting of priorities and plans.  Smaller IT budgets have led to delayed IT projects, downsizing and a focus on squeezing value from existing investments.  This reactive focus turns IT Asset Managers into hardware and software inventory counters, terminated ...

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