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Working Together – What Service Management Should Mean to IT Asset Managers

By Jenny Schuchert, Independent Consultant ITAK V4 I3 At the Beginning When IT asset management started in the early 1990’s, IT service management (ITSM) had not yet penetrated the US.  IT departments were organized around functions and platforms such as the network group, the server team and the security section.  This structure made it easier for like-trained employees to work ...

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What Our Executives Need From Us

By Jenny Schuchert, Independent Consultant ITAK V4 I2 Priorities are changing rapidly these days, with executives honing in on specific objectives.  Obviously, savings and reduced spending are primary objectives.  At the same time, executives are open to opportunities to set their company apart, either from the competition or from the company’s current performance.  During weak economic times, companies can still ...

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Are you Covered? – Why Insurance Should be a Part of Your SAM Program

By Paul Paray, Willis HRH ITAK V4 I1 Being a crucial component of any IT asset management program, a properly run software asset management (SAM) program provides significant value to a company.  Indeed, according to Gartner Group, “organizations can realize cost savings of between 5 percent and 35 percent [from their IT budget] by implementing focused software asset management practices.  ...

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