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A Kick-Start for ITAM – Practical Tips for Implementation

By Damon Mulligan, Cireson As an Asset Management consultant at Cireson, I see many different aspects of companies and how each approaches daily business and processes.  For many of the companies that I work with, the start of any type of asset management program usually begins with a tool that has been purchased.  Normally, this purchase occurred after some audit, ...

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The Roles of Governance and Management – Positioning ITAM to Support the Business

By Rodney Penny, HCSC ITAK V10 I4 The maturity and permanency of any organization’s IT Asset Management (ITAM) program is highly dependent upon how well it is governed and managed.  Where proper governance is in place, the ITAM program will mature and ultimately provide the organization with immense business value; in other words, the ITAM program will mature to the ...

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The Reward of Self-Service Audits – Employees with ITAM Self-Service Capabilities offer Advantages

By Nitin Khatri, Etelesolv ITAK V10 I4 80% of the IT Budget is Invisible With the passage of time, a number of estimates and surveys are converging on a rather alarming reality:  the majority of IT spending in modern organizations is invisible to CIOs and IT managers tasked with managing and supporting technological devices and solutions.  In fact, as much ...

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Firing On All Cylinders – Yes, You Can Fast-Track Your ITAM Program While Achieving Your ITAM Support Goals

By G. Balakrishnan & K. Thanumoni, BNY Mellon ITAK V10 I4 This article is aimed at sharing the experiences of the IT Asset Management (ITAM) team at BNY Mellon, where we have successfully fast-tracked all phases of the ITAM lifecycle.  Key milestones achieved include upgrading procurement systems, tracking hardware assets from point-of-entry to end-of-life replacement and secure disposition, managing inventory ...

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SAM in the Federal Government – “Same…but Different!”

By Steven Ligon & Gary Feltz, ICES Inc. ITAK V10 I4 Not a Monolith To listen to the pundits in the media today, one would think that the Federal Government is a monolithic entity, made up of intertwined parts with in-depth knowledge of each other’s actions.  In reality, while it is large and complex, comprised of intertwined agencies and offices ...

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Outsourcing SAM – Do’s and Don’ts – Solving the Workflow and Knowledge Attainment Problem

By Jan Hachenberger, KPMG ITAK V10 I2 I have been actively involved in more than 400 license audits, an equivalent of 10,000 hours+ of experience.  I have come to the conclusion that even if an organization is willing to invest in software license compliance and spends a “couple of dollars” on a proper SAM implementation (including the roll out of ...

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