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With Microsoft Online Services to cloud number nine

1 Microsoft Online Services – status quo Microsoft offers a variety of online services and new services are added by the minute. To stipulate cloud transition customers receive mega discounts on services, e.g. Office365 E3 / E5 plans, or online services are bundled with on premise use rights, e.g. Secure Productive Enterprise, to ease cloud transition. The way up to ...

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Do You Trust Your Discovery Data?

Good asset discovery data is the foundation for every IT Asset Management program, for both hardware and software Asset Management. Tools do more than ever to track and monitor assets. Despite this, a lot of IT Asset management is accomplished in spreadsheets with manual steps needed to fill in missing information or to clean up a report before it gets ...

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I Just Became the IT Asset Manager – What Do I Do Now?

By Steffani Lomax, Siwel Consulting, Inc. ITAK V10 I4 Recently you were given the role of IT Asset Manager for your corporation – Congratulations!  However, while this sounds like a wonderful new opportunity, you are a little concerned because you’re not sure where to begin.  You have a general idea about the concept of IT Asset Management (ITAM); however you ...

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PPM & ITAM Hand in Hand – An ITAMer’s Intro to Project and Portfolio Management

By Paul Wheaton, Five9 Technologies ITAK V4 I3 Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) provides a disciplined approach for managing an organization’s IT investments.  Its primary goal is to align an organization’s corporate strategic goals with its IT goals in order to: Optimize investment benefits Increase efficiency through proper management of its personnel Minimize operational cost and risk Provide a pre-defined ...

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