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Vendor Management

Thank You for Buying Our Product…Now You are Really Screwed

Manufacturers have always attempted to control every aspect of the life cycle of the products they sell. They control who sells it; who services it; the trade-in value; who is allowed to service it; who qualifies as an authorized reseller; what region new equipment or re-sale equipment can be sold into. At the same time, manufacturers attempt to discourage others ...

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How to Improve the Process of Buying Enterprise Software

Enterprise applications represent some of the most essential software packages. These products form the foundation of today’s modern business to implement operations, such as human resources (HR), business intelligence (BI), customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and many others. Companies spend millions of dollars purchasing these expensive software packages to sustain and improve their overall business process. And ...

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The New Autodesk License Policy

A common trend in the engineering software license industry is the migration of license management from localized networks to cloud based management services provided by the software vendor. There are several benefits in this transit. To name a few: Minimizing the hassle of administering license servers Keeping the software version up-to-date Facilitating inventory maintenance and license compliance Streamlining technical support ...

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What it Takes to be a Vendor Manager – The Implications of Beneficial or Detrimental Vendor Communications

By Beth Richard, IAITAM ITAK V8 I2 An IT vendor’s products and services are often the backbone of the organization today.   A glitch in an IT vendor’s supply of product and services or a delay in product delivery can be like turning the electricity off for many organizations, preventing them from fulfilling their missions and objectives.  Vendor Management is the ...

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Understand the Vendor Relationship – Making the Most of Software Vendor Relationships

By Scott D. Rosenberg, Miro Consulting ITAK V6 I10 Times are tough. The economy is still shaky. There may or may not be a double dip recession. Companies are still being fiscally frugal or cost conservative (different terms, same meaning).  In today’s environment, organizations – great and small – are pinching pennies and looking for more value for each dollar ...

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Vendor Categories Deliver Value – Clarifying Characteristics and Expectations for Vendors

By Steven Robertson, Booz Allen Hamilton Vendor Management is a key aspect of IT Asset Management (ITAM). Categorizing vendors and understanding how to use the categories can save an organization a significant amount of money. The categories recommended here are strategic, tactical, and other. Strategic Vendors Strategic vendors are the vendors who are important to an organization’s business or the way the ...

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