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Acquisition Management

Stacking the Deck: Why Oracle is Going to Audit You (And What to Do about It)

let’s get one thing straight: Oracle has some great products, but they aren’t really anyone’s friend. They’re a business

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Dumped by your ITAD Provider? Lessons Learned From an Expert

The recent announcement by Arrow Electronics to “wind-down (its) personal computer and mobility asset disposition business” comes as a shock to many in the industry, including myself. Arrow was recognized as a market leader that grew by acquiring some of the best independent ITAD processors in the industry. Arrow isn’t the only one that’s exited the business and left its ...

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Negotiating your next Microsoft Agreement

So, you’ve just signed your agreement with Microsoft, time to relax for the next two years right? Wrong! Your Microsoft agreement is probably one of the largest agreements financially for your company and touches every person working at your company. Many of the things I’ll talk about here apply to any other large complex agreement too, but I’ll slant my ...

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Importance of Mobility in ITAD

Importance of Mobility in ITAD Sensitive data is present across industries and business types, from large-scale data centers to small-scale server rooms. When a business undergoes an infrastructure update, the HDDs, SSDs, and other networking equipment that store its proprietary information need to be correctly disposed of. Much like the role of electronic component distributors in the supply chain has ...

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Asset Identification

ITAM Solution or a Social Network?

If we think about it, our subconscious minds have come to recognize that social networks give a lot but ask very little from us.

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Why is SaaS Management Important?

SaaS management accounts for a significant piece of today’s Shadow IT spend.

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Understanding Software Discovery

Software inventory plays critical role in Software Asset Management. You cannot manage what you cannot see. In this article I would like to guide you through the world of software discovery… Software Product Versus Software Component • Software Product is identified by a marketing name. It represents vendor software license offerings and implies the rights to install and/or use a ...

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Tracking Methods for Virtual Servers: Pros and Cons

As more and more emphasis is placed on virtual or cloud servers, and less on physical servers, asset managers are hard pressed to keep up with tracking of this rapidly changing environment. As organizations cross from all physical to 50% or more virtual or cloud, we need to come up with a better way to manage and track these server ...

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Compliance Management

Mutated SAM Approach

The article details about an approach of SAM to overcome the risks pertaining to compliancy and yielding license spend optimization

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Bringing IT Asset Management and Cybersecurity closer

ITAM and Cybersecurity can use common tools to minimize compliance and security risks while improving efficiency and reducing IT costs.

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The Dynamic Landscape of Software Licensing

Software ownership has transformed into a complicated mesh of different delivery options and license models.

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How does a global pandemic impact the role of a software asset manager?

There have been many global events that have changed how people look at their everyday job, how about the role of the SAM team in the "new norm" 2020.

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Documentation Management

Asset Intelligence – New Nomenclature?

Let’s kick of with some standard definitions to establish common ground. According to Wikipedia an Asset is defined as: An asset is a resource controlled by the entity as a result of past events and from which future economic benefits are expected to flow to the entity ( Intelligence is also explained as: More generally, it can be described as ...

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Are SW bots and ITsec the future of ITAM’s Digital Journey?

The measure of a Software Asset Management (SAM) program’s maturity is founded in the understanding of how well one’s organization performs the foundational building blocks for Software Asset Management. ISO/IEC 19770-1:2012, “Information Technology — Software Asset Management, Part 1: Processes and Tiered Assessment of Conformance” (ISO 19770) provides the industry with an international standard for leading practices and assessing one’s ...

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SAM reporting – what do you report from your SAM universe?

You are capital C Compliant, managing users licensing needs, control your vast software estate proactively? Sounds fab, but if no-one in management know you are doing great, or share your fears due to license rule changes, where will you get your support or encouragement from? Or said this way: What reports and data do you furnish your leaders with so ...

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Empowering People, Process and Technology – Case Study of a Successful Game Changer in ITAM Data Quality and Affordability

By John McConnell & Karen Bryant, Kaiser Permanente ITAK V10 I4 In today’s world, IT hardware assets in every company are multiplying quickly, and the compliance requirements are multiplying just as fast.  To keep up with this evolving landscape, it’s critical to have efficient programs and processes to track each item from the day it arrives, to the day it’s ...

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Financial Management

Avoid The Hidden Corner of Software Asset Management

Many factors can lead to virtual software shelves that beg for attention as it is takes up precious expense dollars. Avoid shelf ware with processes.

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Rightsizing Your Public Cloud Spend

Due to a lack of planning, management oversight, and operational processes and controls, organizations are wasting an estimated 35 percent of their spend on public cloud computing resources such as those provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, and Google Cloud (GCP).1 This wasted spend can negate or exceed the cost savings realized by switching from on-premises to cloud services. ...

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Managing Autodesk Licensing for Cost Reduction & Optimization

What’s soft about software? The term “software” is ubiquitous to a degree that few hearken back to review the origins of the word. The “soft” nature of software implies it to be amorphous compared to its computer counterpart “hardware”, but certainly it is software that brings “muscular” value to hardware. Software’s intrinsic value originates from the effort that goes into ...

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Taming the ITAM Business Case Beast

Business Executives approve a large number of project proposals each year, but also have to reject many others, even though they might offer good business value. What often distinguishes an approved project proposal from a rejected one is the quality, credibility and compelling nature of the information contained within the project’s business case. Unfortunately, most organisations may already have an ...

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Vendor Management

Windows Embedded is Now Windows IoT with a Host of New Features and Editions

The Internet of Things (IoT) allows for new device types and formats to be connected and provide services through innovative means. Gartner predicts the number of IoT devices in use to hit 14.2 billion in 2019 and grow to 25 billion by 2021. For almost 20 years Windows Embedded has been Microsoft’s solution for kiosks, registers and other low-cost hardware ...

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Measuring Success Begins With Your Vendor’s ERP System

Each company and organization operating today has varied goals and processes, but they all face one common challenge: the need for dependable and efficient methods to manage business operations. That’s where Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems come into play, automating and integrating core business processes to focus on effective and simple success. For ITAD vendors, the importance of these systems ...

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Who is that calling me from Oracle?

The Oracle ecosystem is extremely complex, and it can be confusing to keep straight all the different Oracle representatives that reach out to your company. This article will explore the Oracle ecosystem and provide recommendations for navigating the many Oracle representatives that may reach out to you regularly. What you need to know about Oracle salespeople With about 20 different ...

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Maximize the Value of Your Retired Equipment

Ever Wonder Where Your Retired IT Devices Go? It seems like a simple question. Managing the retirement of IT assets is a necessary part of the business cycle. ITAD vendors are carefully vetted and selected through a robust process that ensures both security and environmental processes are followed. Painstaking hours and resources can be spent to ensure that your organization’s ...

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