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How to Write an RFP – In Response to IAITAM Members, Ed Cartier Shares His Knowledge on Preparing RFP’s for IT Acquisitions

By Ed Cartier, xAssets ITAK V5 I3 In a recent interview, I was asked if knew of a good Request For Proposal (RFP) template that applied to the selection and acquisition of enterprise IT asset management systems. I told the interviewer that unless any number of companies or organizations have exactly the same needs, budgets and organizational structures, such a ...

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5 Capabilities to Consider – Guidelines for Choosing the Right Inventory Management Tool for Your Business

By Umesh Shah, Numara Software ITAK V5 I1 According to the Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) survey, “The Changing Face of Asset Management: Merging Asset, Service, and Financial Management,” 40% of IT organizations still do not have automatic asset discovery and inventory systems in place.1 One of the core components of a comprehensive IT asset management (ITAM) solution, inventory management tools ...

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Hardware Savings Detective – 10 Ways to Drive Down the Hardware Cost at the Desktop

By Jenny Schuchert, IAITAM ITAK V4 I6 Financial management for IT asset management is a busy job, requiring vigilance and a detective’s eye for the clues to better financial performance.  At any time, established sources of savings can stop delivering those savings, necessitating finding an alternative strategy.  My favorite example of savings failure happened to a technology organization that developed ...

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Review Those Invoices! – Invoice Reconciliation Leads to Savings

By Barbara Rembiesa, President and CEO of IAITAM ITAK V4 I6 Financial Management is the focus of this month’s Quick Success Project, and is one of the areas within an ITAM program   that can quickly recoup savings for an organization.  Most C-level managers look towards some sort of financial payback to any new program implementation, and many view ITAM as ...

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Are You Receiving Economic Stimulus for Your ITAM Program? – The Answer Is Most Likely NO, But You Could!

By Barbara Rembiesa, President and CEO of IAITAM ITAK V4 I1 Prior to the economic downturn, IT Asset Managers had a difficult job in achieving buy-in from their executives for the ITAM Program. The economy has changed but the need to gain buy-in apparently has not. The economic downturn though has created one noticeable change for the IT Asset Manager; ...

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The Acquisition Process – A “Must Have” in a Tumultuous Economy

By Dan Ingouf, IAITAM ITAK V4 I1 When we think of acquisitions, a wide range of thoughts and actions should come to mind.  On one side of the spectrum would be the news worthy acquisition of a major banking organization, purchased by an even stronger financial institution. Such an acquisition would include the recent actions of Wells Fargo acquiring Wachovia. ...

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