Asset Identification

The Physical Challenge – The Balancing Act Required for Physical Inventory Projects

IT inventory Management

By Johnny Heston, U.S. Bank ITAK V8 I4 The challenges of a physical hardware inventory in a multi-location, large corporate environment are many.  Timing, cost, manpower, accuracy and mobile clients are just a few.  So how does a large company practically execute a physical inventory while balancing the different challenges?  To quote an ancient saying – “very carefully”. In order ...

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Software Identification Problems Continue – 20 years of Challenges Will Persist Into the ISO 19770-2 Tagging Era

By Kris Barker, Express Metrix ITAK V6 I3 Since the dawn of the desktop era, IT departments have struggled with keeping track of software installed across corporate networks.  An accurate software inventory is crucial to properly licensing installed applications, understanding whether they’re being used, and budgeting for future purchases.  But there is no standard methodology across applications and manufacturers for ...

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Securing the Source Code – VMS Navigates Mutual Fund Industry Regulations with Technology Escrow

By Rachel Melary, Iron Mountain ITAK V5 I1 Located in Southern California, Vertical Management Systems, Inc. (VMS) is a 50-person company that provides data services related to mutual fund pricing, and develops accounting software for automation and control of mutual fund portfolio accounts.   Founded 17 years ago, the company started with just two employees developing custom software to help ...

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Tag, You’re IT! – ISO Software Tag Standards Come of Age

By Steve Klos, ITAK V4 I10 Software Identification tagging is receiving a significant amount of market attention lately.  This attention has been coming from software publishers, tool providers and software purchasing organizations. The standard defining software tags, ISO/IEC 19770-2:2009 was published by ISO with the final date on the document being November 15, 2009.  The standard, as well as ...

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Standard Published: What Now? – How Will the ISO/IEC 19770-2 Standard for Software Tagging Influence Your Organization’s Decisions?

By Krzystof (Chris) Bacziewicz, Eracent ITAK V4 I10 On November 15, 2009, the ISO/IEC 19770-2 standard was finally published.  It is available to the public, and now it is time to make final decisions as to how the passage of this standard will influence our organizations and how we should react to it. What now? The driving forces of the ...

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