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Ann Marsh is with Medtronic, Inc.

Negotiating your next Microsoft Agreement

So, you’ve just signed your agreement with Microsoft, time to relax for the next two years right? Wrong! Your Microsoft agreement is probably one of the largest agreements financially for your company and touches every person working at your company. Many of the things I’ll talk about here apply to any other large complex agreement too, but I’ll slant my ...

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Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures, and Joint Ventures – Maintaining an ITAM Program through Company Changes

By Ann Marsh, Cargill Inc. ITAK Volume 6 Issue 8 One thing we can be sure of is that nothing will ever stay the same.  This is true of companies also.  In my experience, companies are always acquiring new companies, changing percentage of ownership of existing companies, and divesting companies that are no longer a strategic fit.  In this ever ...

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