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Annaliza Bradley holds a Master of Science in Information Technology from William Howard Taft University. She earned CITAM, CHAMP, CSAM, and CITAD certifications through IAITAM. She has been an IT leader for over 10 years developing and implementing enterprise ITAM programs in global Fortune 500 organizations. She is passionate that IT Asset Managers have a fiduciary duty to create tool-agnostic policies, processes, and controls that enforce compliance and governance while reducing costs and mitigating risks. She has saved millions of dollars throughout her IT career and those funds were reinvested into the organization’s strategic growth to support scalability and sustainability.

Enterprise IT Asset Management (ITAM)

The Information Technology (IT) industry changes rapidly and it is imperative that companies stay diligent in their efforts to manage their IT assets (desktops, laptops, software licenses, phones, servers, switches, etc.). Developing and implementing an enterprise ITAM program that enforces compliance, mitigates risks, increases return on investment, secures data and proprietary information, reduces capital and expense costs, supports business continuity, ...

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