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Chris Tittiger is the Software Asset Manager for Denver Water.

Software Asset Management Principles

Below is a set of primary Software Asset Management (SAM) principles that need to be consistently applied to all SAM work. From time to time and in special situations one or more of these get skipped or forgotten. Use this list to ensure all SAM principles get addressed for every transaction, or that there is a conscious and appropriate decision ...

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Software Audits: The Payoff of Planning Ahead

Software Audits: The Payoff of Planning Ahead By Chris Tittiger, CITAM, CSAM AUDITS DON’T HAVE TO BE SCARY. In fact with some basic planning, they can be relatively painless. Here are two simple strategies you can implement in your company to help mitigate your company’s risk during a software audit: 1. Negotiate the audit terms in your software contract. 2. ...

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