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Christian Björkly-Nordström (CSAM) has worked as an IT project manager for the last 15 years, in a variety of business areas and businesses, with the majority being in the areas of technology-instigated-change. As such he has frequently rolled out new & updated software, in which licensing concerns had to be addressed. This fostered an interest in the licensing particulars, which led to a consulting assignment at Saab, where he happily still works on SAM strategies, audits, software provisioning and improving the asset management practice. As a former naval officer, the choice of working in security and defense industry came natural.

Assets! Assets! Assets!

Assets, assets, assets!!! Prologue: Assets that are disregarded (as such) Please read the following statements below and answer; Yes or No as you see fit, please remember your answers for later. Statement 1: All the Corporate Assets in your business managed by named and framed (accountable) resources only, expensive and cheap alike? Yes / No Statement 2: Are informed business ...

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