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Frank Venezia is the Managing Director, Advisory, EY US LLP

Are SW bots and ITsec the future of ITAM’s Digital Journey?

The measure of a Software Asset Management (SAM) program’s maturity is founded in the understanding of how well one’s organization performs the foundational building blocks for Software Asset Management. ISO/IEC 19770-1:2012, “Information Technology — Software Asset Management, Part 1: Processes and Tiered Assessment of Conformance” (ISO 19770) provides the industry with an international standard for leading practices and assessing one’s ...

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Getting to “Win” in Your Contract Negotiation – Strategies for Assembling your Team and Working with the Vendor

By Frank Venezia & Steffani Lomax, Siwel Consulting, from ITAK V10 I4 Everyone wants to “win” when they enter into a software contract negotiation.  The negotiators for the publisher seek to maximize revenue for their company, while the end-user strives for the most cost-effective agreement that includes only the products and services that are absolutely necessary, along with fair contract terms ...

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The Prescription for a Painless Audit – Preparing and Preventing Software Audits

By Frank Venezia & Steffani Lomax, Siwel Consulting ITAK V9 I10 For the past several years, software audits have been on the rise and continue to increase.  Historically, software publishers were more inclined to audit their customers during economic downturns, such as after the .com bubble burst of 2000 or the stock market crash of 2008.  However, statistics show that ...

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Top 10 Software Negotiation Techniques – The Path to Win-Win Software Contracts

By Frank Venezia & Steffani Lomax, Siwel Consulting ITAK V9 I7 The time to renegotiate a contract with one of your leading software suppliers is approaching.  What does your organization need to do to prepare, conduct the negotiation discussions and close a solid agreement?  There should be a methodical approach to contract negotiations to ensure the best preparation and most ...

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The ITAM Dream Team – How to Build and Maintain It

By Frank Venezia & Steffani Lomax, Siwel Consulting ITAK V8 I11 At the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea, the United States national basketball team was made up of top college players – and finished in third place.  This disappointing result spearheaded a movement to allow professionals to compete in the Olympics, which was set into motion for the ...

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Building the “New” Business Case for ITAM – Eliminating Executive Misinformation

By Frank Venezia & Steffani Lomax, Siwel Consulting ITAK V8 I10 IT Asset Management (ITAM), as defined by ITIL, is the process for tracking and reporting the value and ownership of financial assets throughout their lifecycle.  ITAM is a critical discipline that organizations should embrace to better manage and optimize their IT assets, because this practice leads to significant cost ...

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Outsourcing the ITAM Program – Making the Right Decision for Your Organization

By Frank Venezia & Steffani Lomax, Siwel Consulting ITAK V8 I9 Outsourcing, defined as the contracting of a business process to a third party, is becoming increasingly popular in the IT industry.  By outsourcing functions or tasks where they lack some of the necessary skills or expertise, companies are able to focus and perform well in their core competencies. There ...

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Super Storms and ITAM – Lessons Learned from Hurricane Sandy

By Frank Venezia & Steffani Lomax, Siwel Consulting ITAK V8 I3 In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the largest Atlantic hurricane on record, countless metro New York area businesses were severely affected.  Some companies lost valuable equipment and deployed software, while others experienced severe data center interruptions. Recovering from a natural disaster such as Sandy is a time-consuming and costly ...

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Software Licensing “Gotchas!” – Managing Software Licensing

By Frank Venezia & Steffani Lomax, Siwel Consulting ITAK V7 I10 Today’s technology industry is characterized by changes that are frequent and rapid.  Some might even categorize them as “revolutionary.”  These changes in technology impact how hardware is sold and software is licensed by all the major suppliers.  Software publishers have responded by implementing new license models and metrics that ...

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