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The International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM) is the largest organization providing education, certification and thought leadership to the management of IT as a business. IT Asset Management is the management of hardware, software, mobile and other technology to maximize the value to the organization.

The IAITAM Practitioner Survey Results for 2016 – Lean Toward Ongoing Value

The IAITAM Practitioner Survey Results for 2016 Lean Toward Ongoing Value As IT Asset Management (ITAM) professionals, we want to know how the ITAM program at the organization we work for stacks up against other organizations.  With information on the similarities with other organizations, we find validation in the strengths and comfort in the common weaknesses of our organization’s ITAM ...

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Shining Light on Shadow IT

Shadow IT is sliding organizations back into IT financial and contractual chaos and has the potential to slow the organization’s productive use of new strategies.  IT was undoubtedly slow to move at the cloud’s pace at first, but after six years, that should not be the case.  Confusion is also not a natural consequence of the organization using resources outside ...

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Turning Up the Heat on E-Waste

Cleaning up the planet is a big job and unfortunately, electronic waste (including organizational IT equipment) is a major contributor to the problem.  Although the exact amount of illegal e-waste is unknown, the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) suggests that 60 – 90% of e-waste is being illegally traded or dumped, costing countries as much as $18.8 billion.   UN Under-Secretary-General ...

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Career Moves

By IAITAM Most of us probably aren’t that good at managing a job search. We only do it if we have to and stop as soon as possible. We don’t receive a lot of feedback during the process, especially since so much of the process is internet-based with few to no interactions in the early stages. Even when we have ...

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Changing Data Breach Response – Investor Rights as the Stimulus for Data Protection, Breach Response and IT Asset Management

By Bob Johnson, NAID ITAK V10 I1 At the height of the 2013 holiday buying season, Target department stores, the second largest retailer in the U.S., announced its payment card system had been hacked, resulting in unauthorized access to the private information of more than 110 million customers.  As a direct fall out, their longtime, highly successful CEO resigned, the ...

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Dynamic ITAD Requires Guidance, Diligence and Leadership – Avoiding Negative Consequences from Electronic Disposal

By Patty Osterberg, SERI ITAK V10 I1 What happens to your decommissioned IT equipment after it leaves your company? Your company’s brand, reputation and bottom line could depend on your answer to this question.  Almost weekly, another company is featured in the press for a data security breach.   Big and small companies alike have suffered the fallout from this type ...

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Balancing Requirement and Risk – Lessons Learned Building an ITAD Due-Diligence Assessment

By Carleen E. Matsuka, Microsoft ITAK V10 I1 Managing the risk associated with the disposal of assets can be complicated.  Risk around compliance to data protection laws such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act [HIPAA] in the United States and the United Kingdom’s [UK] Data Protection Act of 1998 makes managing a global program overwhelming to any organization.  ...

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