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Jan Hachenberger is Partner at ConSalt Unternehmensberatung GmbH

Review: Lawsuit vs. SAP. Diageo

On February 16, 2017, the High Court of Justice, in the Technology and Construction Court of the Queen’s Bench Division, ruled that there was a legal dispute between the British offshoot of software publisher SAP, SAP UK Limited, and Diageo Great Britain Limited, hereafter refered to as “Diageo”, which ends a dispute over the indirect use of SAP software. The ...

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With Microsoft Online Services to cloud number nine

1 Microsoft Online Services – status quo Microsoft offers a variety of online services and new services are added by the minute. To stipulate cloud transition customers receive mega discounts on services, e.g. Office365 E3 / E5 plans, or online services are bundled with on premise use rights, e.g. Secure Productive Enterprise, to ease cloud transition. The way up to ...

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The Risks of Evergreen IT

Who doesn’t like Green? As a gardener, you prefer healthy plants, typically indicated by a lush green color of their leaves. In areas with cold or dry season, some plants have adapted to the climate and shed their leaves. Before this happens the leaves turn yellow, brown, sometimes red. This is part of a natural cycle and besides the fact ...

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Beyond Compliance – SAM and the CIO Agenda

What’s on the CIO agenda? The agenda of CIOs is packed, packed with requirements to make a company’s IT more reliant and available, more elastic and scalable, not to be forgotten more efficient, so all in all more business oriented and demand driven. Their company’s future may be at stake! And with new disruptive technologies, products, services and business models ...

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Outsourcing SAM – Do’s and Don’ts – Solving the Workflow and Knowledge Attainment Problem

By Jan Hachenberger, KPMG ITAK V10 I2 I have been actively involved in more than 400 license audits, an equivalent of 10,000 hours+ of experience.  I have come to the conclusion that even if an organization is willing to invest in software license compliance and spends a “couple of dollars” on a proper SAM implementation (including the roll out of ...

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Moving Internal IT from IT Provider to an IT Broker – What it Might Take to Be Successful in the Near Future

By Dr. Jan Hachenberger, KPMG AG WPG ITAK V9 I11 Before I started working for KPMG, I was employed by one of the world’s leading mail and logistics service providers.  One of my roles was to supervise the translation of business context-driven process requirements into technical requirements for the POS system used in the retail outlets operated by my company ...

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The ITAM and SAM (R)evolution – Megatrends Changing the Program

By Dr. Jan Hachenberger, KPMG ITAK V8 I3 Three decades ago, the IT budget was primarily assigned for the acquisition and maintenance of IT infrastructure.  Software was part of IT infrastructure as an embedded system or solution running on mainframes. IT infrastructure came as high-priced capital assets with significant strategic and economic value for businesses. It had to be planned, ...

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