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John Boruvka, vice president for Iron Mountain’s Intellectual Property Management group, has been involved in the technology escrow and intellectual property management field for more than 23 years. His focus is helping companies create solutions relating to protecting intellectual property assets. John is considered an authority in the field of technology escrow and issues surrounding the role of a neutral third party in protecting intellectual property. He has participated in the development of strategies and review of thousands of technology escrow agreements for software, hardware and other proprietary information that established to protect against mergers, bankruptcies or other events that affect the ability of vendors to support their technology. A technology escrow agreement could mean the difference between losing mission-critical software that would cripple a company’s operations and maintaining continued business success. Additionally, escrow accounts can serve to protect software from patent, copyright or trade secret infringement. Courts have ruled that source code kept with a neutral third party helps meet the burden of proof for conception of an idea and serves as documentation of how a technology was developed. Mr. Boruvka has also written many articles on this topic and presented extensively at associations, industry meetings and prestigious law firms across the United States, Canada, South America and Europe, including presentations for: • American Chamber of Commerce – Argentina • International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM) • Caucus Software Licensing Course • Caucus Technology Procurement Conference • Independent Computer Consultants Association • International Association of Contract and Commercial Managers (IACCM) • ITechLaw Association • Licensing Executive Society (LES) • MIT Enterprise Forum Computing SIG (special interest group) • Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) Software Division • Softletter's SaaS University

What could possibly go wrong? Strategies to Lessen your Risk in the Cloud

“CEOs and CFOs have a fiduciary responsibility to the organization. If your executive team and IT organization haven’t recently discussed and implemented SaaS data recovery plans, now is the time to do so,” according to Security Boulevard. Software-as-a-Service applications are certainly growing, and the benefits are numerous. However, if you believe that “as-a-Service” means you don’t have to worry about ...

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How the Emerging IoT will prompt Asset Management Issues

As companies leverage the Internet of Things (IoT), the Software Asset Management (SAM) function will be forced to rethink its charter. This article will explore how professionals within the SAM function need to start thinking about the IoT, and how they can prepare to manage the asset management challenges it presents, along with its benefits. The Internet of Things has ...

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What’s your “Plan B” if your Software Vendor Disappears?

A Changing Market Landscape There’s a paradigm shift taking place in technology delivery today, with the model changing from licensed software that resides on-premises to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model that is subscription-based and resides in the cloud. In the early days of SaaS, smaller and less important applications were the initial drivers, while mission-critical applications were still operated via traditional, ...

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