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Kyle Marks is an ITAD enthusiast and CEO of Retire-IT, a consulting firm specializing in the management of IT asset disposition.

The Final Check-Out: 8 Lessons Learned from 8,000 Projects

Google, “hacks to improve” and you will find a million shortcuts to improve almost any aspect of your life – your credit score, public speaking, or memory to name just a few. Finding ways to make your organization’s IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) program effective is not as easy, so we created them for you. Experience with clients across a wide ...

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Data Breach Prevention Driver for Disposal – IT Asset Disposition Diligence Starts Day-One

By Robert Johnson, NAID & Kyle Marks, Retire-IT, LLC ITAK V9 I5 Last January, Coca-Cola admitted to the theft of an unspecified number of laptops containing personal information on approximately 74,000 individuals, including social security numbers, driving license details, salaries, and ethnicity.  Reportedly, the laptops had been stolen by the employee in charge of the company’s information technology asset disposal ...

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Consider ITAD a Security Incident – A Practical Look at ITAD Security Issues

By Kyle Marks, Retire-IT ITAK V8 I4 Organizations that focus on privacy take a serious look at all areas of potential vulnerability.  One area of unappreciated vulnerability is the process of IT asset disposition (ITAD).  When evaluating the sufficiency of any ITAD policy, organizations must be mindful of possible administrative fines, expensive remediation outlays, and costly punitive class action litigation. ...

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